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no more stealth pe for me


I told my wife that I was trying to make it bigger not long after starting PE 4 years ago. She has told me a few times that I don’t need to, or that she wants me to stop, but at least she knows. It’s much easier this way.

You know Murph, it was kinda sneaky….She was playing with me and being all sexy
at the same time, licking my ears whispering dirty things in my ears etc. When she asked
me what I really, REALLY like…well, I told her to make the OK grip at the base and squeeze
until it swells up alot and then lick the head….she really enjoys it and not nearly as much as
I DO!!!! She now regularly does this 10-20 times when she goes down on me which is about
4-5 times a week. She is not stupid, she has put two and two together and has commented
how she likes how the head engorges so much after she has done that!


Keep working, keep learning



Now there’s a stealth jelq technique everyone should be doing!

I’m going to get my wife to do that tomorrow. He he. I told her about PE long ago. It has been good and bad. It has been good in that she knows why my dick is so much bigger. It’s bad when she occasionally gets hurt. Now that I’m over 8 inches non bone pressed, some positions are more apt to cause her discomfort. Last time we were doing it missionary and I was stretching the bottom of her vagina with every stroke. She loved it. We then switched to doggy style and she couldn’t take it. She said that it felt like I was breaking through the wall of her rectum. Then she said, “You’ve taken this PE thing too far”. So, it’s been up and down. I am now concentrating solely on girth. She wants me to quit totally. I told her that I would think about it, but the pressure is on. I may have to go back to stealth PE if she doesn’t back off.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

This could be the forward. You sneaky ol git.LOL

I hope to echo your post in twelve months time.

cheers guy’s


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