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No More Jackin-Off for this Kid


Maybe you’ve got her feeling that if she can’t handle it then you’re gona find another woman

I totally agree with VVC as well, that after masterbastion, my flaccid hang also becomes a little less impressive. I have found that if you jelq/edge right before you go to bed, then next morning you will wake up with what almost looks like a new dick. The hang will be amazing, as least for me. Its got that nice thick, fat feel to it that I’m sure most of us want, and it’s a bit longer than usual as well. Try it right before you go to bed, and see if it works for you as well, because if it does, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Nov '04 EL: 6 7/8" EG: 5 3/8" Dec '04 EL: 7 1/16" EG: 5 5/8" Feb '05 EL: 7 3/16" EG: 5 7/8" Short term goal: 8x6 by this June Long term goal: 8.5x6-6.5

For me it is the same VVC if I jack it the next day I’m much smaller than if I don’t. But I can have all the sex I want and if anything I’m bigger and more swollen when flacid.


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