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no more gains

no more gains

Hi to the community

I am more a reader than a writer but I have been following the discussion for many, many months…

This is my problem:

I have been doing routines for PE regularly for years. Jelquing, using a Jes Extender and at least using the Jelq.

In the first months/years I made a gain in length and girth:

year 2000: flaccid 5,1 x 4,7 inch, erect 5,9 x 5,1 inch (transferred from cm)
end 2001: flaccid 5,5 x 4,7 inch, erect 6,7 x 5,5 inch

Since then no more remarkable gains. I tried really everything. Rest time, intense time, stop for several months etc.

What else can I do? Is there a personal, individual limit for PE from where on nothing more goes?

Please excuse my bad English.

Greetings from Switzerland.

my actual stats:
fl. 5,5 x 4,7 in.
er. 6,7 x 5,5 in.

How much heating warmup do you do before the exercises?

Originally Posted by beenthere
How much heating warmup do you do before the exercises?

I was thinking the same thing. And have you tried hanging or pumping?

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

only little warmup

Originally Posted by beenthere
How much heating warmup do you do before the exercises?

Sometimes I do some warmup but most of time I immediately start jelqing slowly. My ** gets warm without warmup so I thought that a prior warmup is not really necessary.

And using my Jes Extender is some way like hanging, isn’t it?

thanks for your support.

Originally Posted by Ramrod
Greetings from America,

Can you give us an example of your latest routine?

In the morning I normally jelq with “The JELQ penis enlargement device” combined with some hand jelqs for 20 - 30 minutes. Sometimes I am using some lube (Arnica oil) sometimes I am jelqing dry. After showering I put on the Jes Extender for another 30 minutes.

In the evening, back home again, I put on the Jes Extender until I go to bed, i.e. for 3 - 4 hours. But I normally have to release it several times and put in on again because of pain behind the head.

On weekends I try to wear the Jes Extender as long as possible with some breaks of one or two hours.


Perhaps you have reached the limit of gains for jelqing.
And the extender will probably have a limit as well.

I suggest you do some research on hanging. Even if you do not choose to hang I think you can
learn a lot about lig stretch, tunica stretch, and Limiting Factors. This will give you a different perspective on PE.

If you cannot devote the time to hanging, you might get some ideas for a new routine with manual stretching or clamping.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

No, the Jes-extender is not the same as hanging. You need to get in tune with your package I.e. Understand what changes are occurring to promote growth. When you are affecting that part of your anatomy for cellular breakdown and regeneration there are very definite changes as a result of the trauma. People do a variety of exercises (too many) and you cannot help but gain in the beginning just do to the fact your unit has never tasted exercise before. Gains will become more difficult as your penis conditions and builds resistance to your poor techniques. So, if you want to gain again, get in touch with the sensations that got you your initial growth and fine tune your workout to replicate those sensations.

The extender does not expose all of your physiology to elongation it is as if you we’re to stretch a rubber band from the middle (you will get a certain amount of stretch); if you stretch it from the end points you will maximize your stretch. With the extender you are not maximizing your stretch. You must HANG, man. I have posted in other places that will give you some idea of what you need to do to begin gaining again. It is to lengthy to rehash here. You have plateaued with the exercises you are doing, your penis is now laughing at your efforts, you have to trick the little fella and get him back in line.

Originally Posted by swiss tallman

My ** gets warm without warmup

Then don’t think of it as a warmup. Think of it as a heat-up beyond that temperature which occurs naturally.

More energy into the system is good.

If you start hanging, be sure to read up in detail about the various hanging devices and learn the pros and cons of hanging well in order to prevent serious injury or loss of circulation and to promote successful gains. Some order the bib hanger , but others make their own hanger with instructions posted on this forum. I made the Captn’s Wench using Captn’s great instructions. You really should read up on the theories of heating. It could possibly make a big difference in gains, and can help prevent injury. Use the search engine at Thunder’s to bring up much information about the various topics.

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