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No manual exercises - Can it work well

No manual exercises - Can it work well

Has anyone tried a zero manual exercises routine for a long enough period of time to determine whether or not it worked? I’m just curious. Have people tried just doing clamping + hanging and/or ads, for example?

Yeah, I’ve gained by just doing clamping, and by just doing ADS/extenders (those are seperate times, each were done for many months at a time without any other form of PE). My intial gains actually came from manual stretching + jelqing + kegels and then I tried every manual technique under the sun and couldn’t get my length to budge anymore so I resorted to those other techniques and gains have been coming steadly…

I’ve tried doing nothing at all. That, kind of, didn’t really increase the size of my penis.

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Just clamping and now other things for me ADS/pumping

Everyone is different, but if you’re trying to gain girth I doubt you’ll get far not using manual exercises.

I’m sure you can gain length without manual exercises though. I gained half an inch through hanging alone.

Originally Posted by Spektrum

I gained half an inch through hanging alone.

Wonder how much you’d gained if you hung toghether with others.

regards, mgus

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At present I’m just doing clamping because jelqing hurts my hands (joint problem). However I NEVER clamp without stretching out and warming up first which is classed as a manual exercise so…Don’t know if this counts. However, I have seen a spurt in length all of a sudden which has made me very happy with what I’m doing. I’ll keep on at it until I stop seeing any change and add jelqing back when I can manage it.

Thanks Sacred, this is the kind of info I am looking for — specific comparison of gains on no manual exercises routines versus routines that incorporate manual exercises. I hope more people will have similar data to share too.

One of the reasons I ask this question is that I have sense that everyone just assumes that, if nothing more, jelqing is at least indispensible compliment to other exercises. Yet, I have also heard things that have made me wonder, alongside my own reluctance to just accept things without strong specific evidence to support it, whether or not jelqing is really as essential as everyone assumes. In particular, I’m intrigued by Dr. Adams’ opinion, related in the ChemPE thread, that jelqing is not an exercise he recommends because he feels it’s likely to promote tunica toughening too much.

I realize that jelqing is awesome for improving erections, and I realize that people get great gains from manual stretching. However, I wonder if, between clamping and hanging, one couldn’t possibly get at least most of the growth capability available through the manual exercises, without as much effort, inconvenience (lubing, cleanup, having hands occupied whole time, etc). In other words, I know manual exercises are awesome. However, I am very interested in finding out what is known out there about how effective routines that don’t use manual exercises can be nonetheless.

Originally Posted by mgus
Wonder how much you’d gained if you hung toghether with others.

It was funny.

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I am just clamping right now . . and I wonder why jelquing would need to be added to it? Clamping (with squeezes) puts a lot more pressure on the tunica than jelquing - I could see adding jelq for warmup or circulation but I can’t see how it would add anything to the pressure clamping already produces.

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