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No girth for me! Why? No fair!




I actually purchased my powerjelq in October 2001 but really didn’t start using it regularly until January 2002. Like you, at the beginning I couldn’t seem to get the hang of using it and put it aside. But after a more concerted effort and with some experimentation, I grew to appreciate the different kind of feeling and intensity that I can get from it.
There is a learning curve to the powerjelq. I think initially some guys may actually be squeezing too hard with it and inhibit their erections. It’s better to begin with a “lighter” squeeze/touch and increase the pressure slightly as your erection gets stronger. I addressed my powerjelq use in more detail in a previous post. You can see it at:

peforeal - peforeal’s routine

I still do regular dryjelqing, since it’s convenient at work or any time of the day when I have some privacy and a free moment. But I can get a much faster and more intense workout with the powerjelq when I’m at home. Read my post above and give the PJ another try.

Maybe I would attribute about 50% of my girth gains to the PJ, but again it’s hard to say for sure since I use a variety of techniques and combinations. But I am sure that it does help tremendously.I don’t think there is one “best” technique. I think all of the PE techniques out there are all valid and can result in individual gains. I do think keeping “variety” is a key factor in fooling my dick to grow.

Best to you.


Great post about the Powerjelq, Peforeal

Now that I think about it, it’s possible that I am using too much force when using it and maybe that’s really the reason I have the problem maintaining erection..

I’ll give it another try tonight.


I hope it works for you now

Let us know if the PJ starts to work for you. I like having the variety of the PJ to enhance all of the other PE techniques, and I hope it does the same for you.


Dear Secjay !

Thanks for your nice words !

No , I was´not lost , I am just such a lazy and bad poster , I have sometimes really a bad consciousness !I hope I can improve !

See you Wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !

? for Peforeal

If you were to take pumping out of the equation do you think you would have had similar success? Also what do you think would be a good routine mixture of the horses or ulis and dry/wet jelq to obtain the maximum girth gains? i.e. 3days on 1 off 1on 1off etc. as well as the actual exercises. I only have 5 1/8 girth & 5 3/8 girth at the base, I am in dior need of 6 in. girth:spin:


A suggestion


It’s very difficult to answer your questions with any exactness since my PE routines have changed and evolved over the past almost two years. As I learned new techniques, incorporated them into my life and observed how my dick responded to the techniques, I’ve adapted and revised what I do. But, I’ll give it a shot.
If I were to remove “pumping” from my efforts, I feel like I may not have had as much girth gains at the base as I have now. Since I don’t hang with weights, I feel like pumping has given me the extra pull at the base of my shaft and extra expansion. I have also felt that the Powerjelq gives me another good way to get a strong pull and pressure at the base when used correctly.
I have gone for months when I didn’t pump at all and concentrated on jelqing and the powerjelq. And I still continued to make gains girthwise. I think you can definitely make good girth gains without pumping, but I think pumping has helped me to accelerate the process.
If you choose not to or are unable to incorporate pumping into your routines, here’s one suggestion:

1. Get somewhat erect (not rock hard, but pretty firm and pliable)
2. Do 3-5 horse squeezes followed by 5 minutes of dryjelqing - kegel before you start another jelq. If you have a powerjelq, use this instead of dryjelqing. Slap your dick against your leg 25 times for restored circulation. REPEAT this cycle 4 -5 times or as long as your dick continues to respond (i.e your erection is somewhat hard)

I think the horse squeezes will give your dick a good initial pump and the dryjelqing or powerjelqing will keep all of the blood flowing for expansion and circulation. As far as days off go, I personally try to do something every day. I take a break when my dick feels tired or doesn’t get erect as quickly as it normally does. For me personally, I haven’t found that time off results in better gains. Others may differ. Listen to your dick, and you’ll know when to take a day or two or more off.
This is just one suggestion. I’m sure others may wish to contribute their own thoughts. Good luck in the girth gains.



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