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no gains

no gains

hey everyone,

I am new here and this is my first post. I have been off and on at PE now for about two years, but have gotten very consistent in the last few months. I have seen no gains whatsoever. I have been doing manual stretches, slow jelqs, and horse squeezes. I generally do pe about 5 days a week. I go for a half hour or under each time but very strenuous. Please give me some advice I am losing motivation. Also, I read somewhere that lavdadus is an MD. Is this true and if so what kind?

I am an internist. So I am not an expert in the feild of urology.

I don’t have a clue why you are not gaining.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Whats your age and do you doing any sort of kegels??


Hey bogava wellcome

Hang in there, the gains will be coming trust me, just read and read some more, learn everything you can and the most important thing listen to your body.

see ya

improvement my english

Yes, I do kegels at least 4-5 days a week, sometimes more- about 300-500. I am 20 years old

How about you guys (marco and mexican)? Have you made any gains, and if so how long did it take you and what is your routine?

Also to lavdadus, I am a pre-med. What specialty are you interning in? What made you go to medical school so late? Just curious.

Thanks for the encouragement.


Hi there

Take a look hoping for more This is my routine and is working for me(ask my exgirlfriend he,he,he.)

I haven´t measure my tool for awhile but the gains that i achieve are solid.

Don´t worry about the gains beliveme they´ll come,maybe at the first not measurable, every time you do PE you are getting gains and you are getting bigger than yesterday.

Dont hesitate and go for it.

improvement my english


Actually I am a specialist in Internal medicine and Geriatrics I finished my reisdency in 1987.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I often excercise to the point of getting little red spots on the shaft of my penis, and a few days ago I got purple/black spots on my head that havent quite gone away yet. I have read posts from some members saying they excercise until they see the spots each time so that they know they have gotten a good workout. I was wondering if I could be working too strenuously, and if so how do I find that balance between too much and not enough?

Also to luvdadus- What is your present internship in?



Have to disagree with mexican.

Every session is NOT productive, use to little stimulation/stress and NO gains will ever come. The same apllies to bodybuilding/weightlifting.

If you havent gained for two years there is very little chans you will start gain if you continue the way you are.

My guess is that you need to use more force when working out. You can also try 2-3 sessions/day 6 days a week, only thing that works for me and many other.

Also, jelqing is good as newbie and warm-up technique, but IMO stretching/hanging and various squeezes together with erect “bend-squeezes” is what it needs to gain seriously.
I tried hard jelqing for about 6mos gave me nothing.
When using hard manual stretching and squeezing several times a day I gain like 1/5” in 2-3 weeks.



Pan, i really HAVE to disagree with you… PE is should never be compared to weightlifting, not even principle wise, Simply because your PENIS in NOT A MUSCLE…

And as far as training 2/3 times a day, 6 days a week?? Thats a little on the “overtraining” part, don’t you think??

Bog, you will gain, trust me, you just have to keep at it and do A LOT of trail and error. I strongly believe in a less time-consuming routine with somewhat of intensity.

Look at it this way, you wouldn’t dream of bench pressing for 30 mins straight would you? Then, don’t treat your penis like that then…..

Good luck,


I know that the penis is not a muscle even though it contains a lot of different muscles.

I did not “compare” PE to lifting, only mentioned that if you PE for two years and dont gain, then you´r certainly doing something wrong. The same goes for lifting, if you havant gained strength for a long period, then your doing something wrong, that is if you want to gain of course :-)

2-3 times/day 3-10 days in a row produces gains for me with better erections and no pain with only a “nice” small soreness some times….. certainly not overtraining there, only do what it takes to gain.

My gains BTW is (totally) about 1.5” length and 1” girth.

I´m also sure taht Bogava will gain…. if he changes his workouts to something that works.

And…. no…. I only do two sets of bench-press a week and gains from that, but suddenly YOU compare the penise to your muscles that is involved in a press??? (Triceps, pec´s delt´s).


Bog and Pan....

Ok, gentleman we’re all here to do one thing and one thing only, Make our dicks grow. Bog, like a said, this takes a lot of trail and error, you will have to try many new things, like i did.
Shit, i used to train my unit for about an hour and half with very little gains. I literally cut my routines in half and look something like this;

10 min HW;
15-20 min stretching;
10-25 min jelq;
10-25 min HW.

5 days a week and 500-1000 kegels daily. I encourage you to research and find out more about PE and routines that will work for you, Oh and i’m also the same age as you.

Pan, Yes, there your penis is made up muscles, but i was referring to “Working” them out, as you know, they can’t be. I’m glad to hear that you gained and hope theres more to come.
I believe that Physics as a big rule on growth. Its all about pressure and expansion.

Oh, and…..I was “Comparing” the penis to any type of muscle, i simply said, “you wouldn’t’t dream of training your chest for 30 mins straight, (Which i hope nobody does) So, i was implying that your penis should NOT endure the same Logic….

Good luck to the both of you,

thanks for the advice marco,

and what are HWs?


“HW” must stand for Hot Wrap.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Yes, HW= Hot Wraps…
Just keep PE’ing man and remember that you have to Visualize your Penis growin’


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