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No gains in months!

No gains in months!

Started PE in July and went from 5.9 EBPL to 6.5EPBL and most of those gains came in the first couple of months. I haven’t gained since then!! Sometimes I’ll get this elusive gain of .25 but I’ve only seen it twice and it goes away quick. My routine is pretty random, i’ve tried one day on one off, two on one off, five on two off etc:

5 Minute warm up in the shower
20-30 Mins Manual Stretch (JAI, DLD)
20-30 Mins Jelq
Sometimes I’ll throw some horses into the Jelq session.
Usually don’t do a warm down.

My warm up and warm down are usually pretty slack, I wonder if this could have an impact on gains. I’m always left thinking that I’m not working hard enough and need to start hanging for long amounts of times to make my gains. Hmmmm, I’m stumped.

Once I attain more privacy and money (for a BiB hanger) I think I’ll have to try out hanging. I’m finding it hard to fatigue my ligs manually.

I sure know the feeling. I was stuck at 6.5” for 3 months. My dick teased me with a 1/8” gain that wouldn’t cement. Hanging finally broke me out of the rut. I locked in the 1/8”, and gained a 1/16” the next month. Then I took a month off and gained another 1/8” in about 5 weeks after resuming PE and modifying my routine.

Change something, don’t wallow in your plauteau as I did. Shake it up. Here are a few options:

Vary the directions, intensity, frequency or duration of your manual stretches. Try fulcrum stretches.

Focus on girth exercises for awhile.

Hang. The best, I think, for length. Combined with Blasters or fulcrum stretches, you can get a decent workout in a relatively short amount of time.

Take an extended break. 4, 6, 8 weeks…whatever. Let everything heal and soften up. Some guys get excellent gains when PEing after a long rest.

Don’t give up. Try to be consistent with whatever approach you take. You’ll gain again. In your position, I’d opt for the most difficult routine of all: a break.

I think you’re right about taking a break, the captain is kinding feeling worn out so I’m going to take your advice. Thanks for the input Hobby.

Lazy PE'er

I was going great guns and saw zero results. So I said fuck it and just do my so-called routine when I feel like it, which is about 3 to 4 times a week, and no killer workout either.

Anyway, I measured my first gains ever. A measly .25000 inch, but hey, if you ain’t doing the time, don’t bitch about gains.

My point? Oh yeah. Well the point is I backed off and did not obsess about gains, and then I gained. Not saying you should back off, it just seemed to work for me.

Some guys can just look at their dick and it grows. I have to coax mine like some pathetic high school dude trying to convince his girlfriend into giving him a hand job.

Wish I was one of those fast gainers and not so lazy, but I ain’t either.

Don’t get me wrong. I am in no way endorsing or encouraging you to adopt my attitude. In fact, I advise you do the opposite. I am going to keep working at PE in my own way, but there is so much good advice on this board. Seek it out and use it.

But, hey! a quarter inch! I’ll take it. PE works, even for lazy people!

be back soon

Email me and tell me exactly your routine, I will write something for you if you’d like. Stagnation sucks and sometimes it is a very small thing that is holding us back.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

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