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No gains after 8th week of Proper PE


Here’s my secret don’t tell anyone………

Eliminate caffine, carbonated beverages, and tobacco……..

Drink more water…….

Do PE because I enjoy it…….

Do it OFTEN!!!

Eat proper or take a good vitamin…..

Work your ass off to make your dick bigger!!!

"You can't judge a fisherman by the size of his boat, but a bigger boat sure makes his job easier!"- unknown "Its not the size of the boat, its the motion in the ocean. Yeah but it takes a long time to get to England in a rowboat!" - Jeff Foxworthy June 2002: BPEL:6.5-6.75" EG:5.5-5.75" ? (Toilet Paper tube girth) October 2003 BPEL:8.0" EG:6.5" mid 7.0" @ Base February 2005 same :( New Year's Resolution: Lose 15 lbs and break this stupid plateau!!!!

I don't think it's luck...

I think it’s dedication. If privacy is not the issue, why not try getting up thirty minutes earlier than you normally do and dedicating that time to PE, as well as your nightly 10-15 minute routine?

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You have to go batman on this noise

Nicely put…. ;)

I think I got this one figured out guys. His dick is already big 7.5 5.5 isn’t that what he said? There is no urgency for him. This is a workout. It takes real effort to reshape a body part. Not just your dick any body part. You have to want it you have to put in the time. Dry jelqing in the shower 10 minutes at a time. Hell i do more than that when im shaking off a piss.

Lets take a fast twitch muscle fiber which i think is the type of workout that we use on our wanker. I’ll say calf muscles. If you only work them out for 10 minutes a day without real intensity. You wouldnt see much if any gains there either. Now im not saying you arent doing it with intensity . But that might be a place to look. Are you getting sore?

Did you look at the videos they have on this site? The videos are great it really gives you an idea of the kind of intensity that is behind the movements.

And someone correct me if im wrong but dry jelqing seems to be for the more experienced jelqer. It seems you really have to know what your doing there. There is much more to this then meets the eye. Assume nothing read everything and listen to the experts. ( Im not one). Im just a know it all.


Don’t say you haven’t received some great advice here. Most of the guys are saying pretty much the same thing. You need to devote more time and effort to PE if you are really serious about making gains.

I’ll bet if you checked out X-troop’s routine, you would discover that he has approached PE in a more serious manner.

I hope you keep (print) all this wonderful advice for future reference.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Originally Posted by mongoose2000

My routine is very simple:

5 mins extreme stretching under very hot water.
10 mins dry jelq.

All of which done in the shower each night/morning.

This should have explained everything without griping, it is not that easy.


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