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Nightly Sleep Stretch

Nightly Sleep Stretch

If you like to fall a sleep on your side as i do, here’s one that I think you’ll like. It seems to help with flaccid length. After I do my nightly stretches, just before going to sleep i lay on my side with the knees drawn up. grab my penis and stretch it out letting my other leg down to hold it in a stretched position. after a couple of minutes i then push my legs down further enhancing the stretch and then go to sleep that way. most people stay in any given position up to 2-3 hours before moving. i have had some mornings i woke up in the same position still holding my stretch. It works…. give it a try.

I do something similar…

I lie on my back while wrapping my dick around the back of my thighs and giving it a good stretch.

Then I lower my legs with my dick still stretched back there.

I never thought about falling asleep like that I would be too uncomfertable and worry about blood circulation. I use my sleep time as my main ‘healing’ time because after 50 A-stretches and 25 hard stretches to 6:00… my glans is HURTING! So I let it heal overnight.

But whatever works :)

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I haven’t seen Doc around for a while, but he calls those pogos: Doc’s Pogo’s

I like to reach back and grab my dick when it’s in that position, and pull. It provides a good lig stretch and yanks the whole package into a better position to get benefits of the pogo.

A few nights ago i woke up in the early hours, as i went to roll over i realised my dick was trapped under my girl friends butt cheek, i was just about to pull it from under her when i had a great pe idea.Instead of pulling it out i just moved my hips backwards until i had a good stretch on my ligs and then went back to sleep.When i woke in the morning i was still firmly trapped and stretched in the same position.

I know it’s not ideal as it would not be good for circulation in my glands but i could’nt help having a little smile to myself thinking my girlfriend was helping me with my pe.

Not yet, but i will be one day!!

Does it work?if it works,that’s too wonderful!it’s easy way to have a big dick.

mowinman, I´ve tried what you depict.

Now let me tell you another story: very often, when driving in my car I feel my dick is trapped between my thighs, I leave it there (think boxers help), keep thighs together and feel I´m squeezing the member intensively. Of course, this will help growth in girth.

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