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Night outs and limpies


Night outs and limpies

It’s so embarassing

when you know you go out and find a girl you like and she wants to go at it - And you find yourself embarassingly unable to have an erection and you still have a semi. And you don’t want the girl in question to think your small or inadequate or ‘not into her’.

Any time i go out drinking or smoking, or outside my penis tends to shrink even in situations when you should feel horny.

I had to service a girl with my hand and tongue because I couldn’t get it up. it was so embarassing, in all fairness it was in public (tralfagar square) on a grass patch with people and that made me a little aprehensive. But its a too common incident, when i walk home, and my penis is shrinked and there is left a wrinkled hood of foreskin covering where your normal penis use to be.

Sometimes i’ve had to bail out when I didn’t want too, I don’t drink or smoke to get smashed
is there anything i could do or take too maintain normal sexual function?

When im at home masturbating i dont have a problem getting an erection even when im quite drunk.

whats going on?

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I had a situation like that once and I’ve been scared it will happen again to the point that i don’t even try, BUT what people like us should do is blow it off and not worry about it. Supposedly thinking about it will just make us nervous and worried that it will happen again. Thus making an erection hard to get since we need to be relaxed. So i guess the best advice i can say is to just relax and shit should come naturally.

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It’s most unusual, Guys like us who are suppose to be advantaged with jelqing and some healthy lifestyles like eating right and going gym. I get what you mean, she seemed to be REALLY wanting to get laid and that sorta scared the shit out of me a bit, too full on. I like things to be at my own pace, maybe I will meet up with this chick and do it in some woods or somewhere less populated on my grounds sober. The vicious circle is that beer relaxes you yet it also works against you, I won’t be able to find any instant fixes like Viagra or Cialis because I’m not sure of the legality of it (I doubt going to a doctor claiming I have impotency problems would believe me as I’m 19).

I envy guys who can drink 6 beers and fuck like some kind of hero at the back of people’s houses while having a conversation with other people at the same time. hehe.

Actually it was probably because the girl was being so ‘self concious’ about herself that she didn’t relax me - I guess I should leave it too think in the morning if I want to call her

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The public place certainly didn’t help. Neither did the nicotine or alcohol. And her putting pressure on you to go all the way could cause some performance anxiety.

Originally Posted by Jungalist
When I’m at home masturbating I dont have a problem getting an erection even when I’m quite drunk.

We never heard the end of your “gay for a day” story. Are your masturbatory fantasies only about girls? :) Perhaps you can get it up then because your mental images are based on a broader sexual appetite.

If you can find people to sell you drugs at clubs, you can find one who has Viagra. Although I’d caution against getting used to using such things and ending up “requiring” them to perform.

“and that sorta?? scared THE SHIT out of me” ? ;)

Sounds like a simple mind problem.
Stop caring about this.

And next time you are in that situation relax and ease into the feelings.
The conscious part of the brain is bad at sex usually, so no need to stiffen up (except where it happens all by itself :) ).


Hey bro, try some L-Arginine. Its a supplement and it has really helped me. It releases nitrous oxide which is basically what Viagra and Cialis do. It also helps in the Gym and gives great pumps. I find my flaccid hangs much better and my erections are much stronger when I am taking L-arginine multiple times daily.


Last Saturday or Sunday there was a party of people from Mauritius on Trafalgar Square. Perhaps hinduist people from that island, so used to pierce their body parts with needles, nails and hooks, could help you…

Now seriously, you try to have sex with a rock-hard erection right on Trafalgar Square, in the heart of London, surrounded by a lot of people, tourists, the fountains and the traffic, I suppose by night… what do you expect?

(At least Nelson could’nt contribute to embarrassing you: his statue is still covered)

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This happened to me once with a girl I ended up dating for a year or so. We started dating but didn’t have sex until about a week or two into the relationship. But up until that time, she kept going on and on about how sex always ruins things. Well, wouldn’t you know, when we finally did try to have sex, she has worked me up into such a worry about it, the old third leg didn’t rise to the occasion.

Fortunately, later that night all was back to normal. So, yes, sometimes ED is simply a performance anxiety issue. What can you do about it? As others here have suggested, you can simply not care about what the girl thinks, etc. But this may be very hard for you to do. Try it and see. I know some young guys who carry a Viagra tablet with them for such occasions; they will use it the first or second time they are with a woman, but not after that.

And, yea, what on earth were you doing having sex in T Square???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????

And on (yet) another sidenote:
It’s mainly in the mind.. unless there’s some physical trouble.. which is pretty rare :)

Fucking relax and ease into the good feelings is probably the best thing you may ever hear about mind-related sex problems (no matter the gender IMO) :)


When I get pressured into running in the buff with several others my flaccid penis seems to shrink in half for some reason. Once this happeed in a situation in which I thought that I should have been turned on. This caused me to be psychologically impotent for the next few weeks.

Hey, oh yes! Thanks for reminding me about that thread Westla, I will go back to it tomorrow, tomorrow I have to help out my friend move out of his place as he’s going to Canterbury and we are going to have a leaving party there. I won’t forget!

I’m currently listening to some Biology audio lectures, there Is something very interesting about genetic information being sent to offspring. Something about information from DNA -> Proteins and never vice versa. So any effects done by exercising, working out, PE, can not be imposed on the DNA through other agents. The only way to impose genetic variation is through mutation, which is largely negative and damaging or random. It’s something I’m trying to get my head round.

Back on topic, I have some L-arginine capsules: 500mg. I might just take two a day, I know my sexuality well enough and I’ve never even battered an eyelid when I say I like girls and ladyboys to new crowd they seem really cool about it (And if one isn’t cool I just make him/her look stupid). I think the problem was attributed to nerves, I’ve never had anyone been so ‘full on’ and ‘desperate’ that I guess it frightened me.

Interesting reactions with Cialis and MDMA I will talk in my other thread tomorrow.

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I’m in the same boat as you mate,

When I was 17 going out with my girlfriend at the time,
we didn’t get upto anything sexual for 5 months and when it finally did it happened so quick it made my head spin .

Because I didn’t expect it I sorta froze and got all worried about it.

Ever since then I think the 6 or so times I’ve tried I couldn’t get it up. I had been drinking all those times so I blamed the alcohol even though I knew it’s because I was worried what the girls would think.

I’m 21 now and a couple of months ago I went to a psychologist and got some Viagra (very expensive to).

Haven’t had the chance to use it yet as I’m still fearing taking them and them not working.

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This is why I started doing GHB in place of booze.

But I can’t recommend it….

Cialis and MDMA?

Why not just ask this girl back to your apartment and relax tohether? Then you can get it up and on.

What are you a chemical processing plant? At 19 years old 99% percent of the erection problems are going to anxiety based (new girl, really hot, public park, DO IT NOW! - no pressure or anything…sheesh!).

But if you are partying like a rock star beware: your body just might rebel, and shut down.

Why not work to create favorable circumstances for you to get this rolling.

Save the chemistry experiments for the lab.

Arginine three times a day will possibly make your loads bigger (provided you drink a lot of water) and you might notice your erections are a bit firmer - but you have to achieve one to notice. Arginine won’t help you get it up.

The relaxation from performance anxiety will be your answer. Not aenethistizing yourself with drugs and alcohol and then pumping yourself full of Arginine and Cialis.

Why not bring her back to your place and then rock her world?

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

Update!: Last night I got a chance to try out my viagra… at $15 a pill I was expecting miracles!

I went back to her house after a hard night on the piss (this is probley why) took one of my happy blue pills..

Couldn’t get a hard on at all.. I got to about 60% it was so frustrating, I was hoping it would still kick in but no dice, so I took a second one, Both being 100mg doses

Bad idea my testicles started to hurt and I got really really bad cottonmouth, and still didn’t get rock hard after that.

It’s really not good for the confidence, especially when I hear her friends in the morning asking if it was good.

She’s coming round tonight so I’m gonna try it sober, but if it fails I don’t know what I’ll do. :(

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