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Night and day

Night and day

I’m performing the newbie routine at night, but when I wake up in the morning my dick feels rejuvenated and I know I can do more.

Instead of stepping up the intensity on the night workout, would I be able to do the newbie routine 2 times a day? Or would that be overtraining?


Current: (3/06/06) 5.5" x 4" (+.25EL!!) / Short term goal: 6.5" x 4.75"

Milestone 1: 7.5" x 5.25"

Ultimate Goal: Being happy with the size of my penis.

Hey mistergrey,

Sometimes you are not aware of how tired your penis is. But he also needs time to relax and be ready for another workout. Two times a day might be not overtraining if you really do it properly. It’s like you divide your PEing session into two segments. You take care of your dick by not overdoing it and by listening to your body.



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

I have been doing the newbie routine for 2 months - with a couple of tweaks.

I am now doing an AM and a PM session myself. I found ulistretch’s routine, which is posted up here somewhere, and I’m currently doing that.

So, I don’t see anything wrong with 2 sessions in one day, just as long as you don’t do a full session each time. I’d split it up if I were you.

Start: 7.2" BPEL, EG = 5"

Current: 7 7/8" BPEL, 7" NBPEL, 8" BPFSL, EG(midshaft) = 5 5/8"

Goal: 8" NBPEL, EG = 6.5"

In my opinion, a lot of guys get caught in the more-is-better trap. Remember that the game is to make your dick bigger, not to see how much PE it can take. When dealing with biological systems you want the minimum dose necessary to create the optimal response.

“The term “narrow therapeutic window” is used in the study of pharmacodynamics (how a drug works in the body). The body is a very efficient homeostatic organism which is very resistant to change and very protective of the status quo. In order to encourage a desired physiological change, a fairly severe stimulus is almost always required…this is true whether the stimulus is a drug or exercise. The problem with most drugs is that there is a narrow window between an amount of stimulation which produces the desired response and an amount of stimulation which produces a toxic response. Generally the more effective a drug is at producing a stimulus, the more narrow the space between a therapeutic and toxic dosage. Another critical observation is that the therapeutic effect always plateaus so that pushing the dose higher ONLY produces toxicity and never produces any additional therapeutic effect. Thus, there is NO benefit to risking toxicity. Once you cross the threshold from a therapeutic level of stimulus into the toxic range the organism does not produce any more of the desired response and most times the desired response is PREVENTED by the toxic effect. For instance, the pain relieving effects of Ibuprofen max out at about 400mg, as dosages go higher there is no more pain relief but you may burn a hole in your stomach lining. With acetaminophen (Tylenol) you can take the required dose every 4-6hrs but if you take it more frequently you will end up on the liver transplant waiting list. The same relationship with dose amount and frequency exists with your training, anything above the threshold dose amount or frequency to produce the desired physiological response will not produce more response….in fact, it will actually prevent the response and produce other toxic effects. Remember, the stimulus-organism-response relationship operates the same whether the stimulus is a drug or your training…the principle remains the same. ”

Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible—M. C. Escher

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The problem with questions like this is that everyone is guessing. Unfortunately, the scientific data is not there for you to evaluate. It is also very true that different people respond differently to any given routine. I personally have observed that those people that claim the biggest gains are the ones who go overboard and obsess about PE. Those that work alone or live alone and are doing it all the time seem to post the best results. I know I am constantly struggling to find time and I do not have very impressive results.

Of course, Time and intensity are two different things. I think intensity is easier to overdo than time (I am also guessing). I think that keeping your dick under stress to some extent for more time will give you more growth. This is the basic theory of the ADS (all day stretchers). Keep it stretched, or keep it expanded for more time, especially after a shorter period of high intensity, and you will heal in the enlarged state, or so the theory goes.

The short answer to the question, for me is that 2 workouts very well could be better than one. If you have been slowly growing, stick with what you are doing. If you have reached a plateau, you need to try new things and figure out what works for YOU.

Horny Bastard


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