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newbie obrevations

newbie obrevations

I found this place by accident, or more specifically providence. You are providing a wonderful service, And I thank you. I have been gearing up for a month, and have already seen results. i may not be gaining, but I am getting back what I used to have, and am going to add a couple of inches. I am hanging ten pounds. I use lead shot that I bought to reload shotgun shells. 10 lbs. is a ball in a sock the size of a grapefruit. If you were adding, you could use a plastic bottle and just add to it. It comes in 25 lb. bags and one costs app. $13.00. I trust the advice from the people on here,because it is from experience, and everyone seems to go out of their way to be helpful, especially you Thunder, many thanks. I was reading the thread about pe catching on. I for one, will do what it takes to get a 9” dick. I did not know all of this was possible, but if others have done it, I will too. I have already seen flaccid changes, and better erections. I want to improve the erections. I am overweight, and have a pad of fat over my penis that is app 1 1/2 ” thick. I am working on that also. Thanks again.


Has anyone heard of the enzyme bromelain from pineapple? It is supposed to open blood vessels. Also does anyone know anything about chelation, practiced by chiropractors for opening blood vessels. “Observations” was a typo…sorry

I’ll be the first to say welcome aboard and congrats on starting out with hanging like I wish I’d done. My goal is also 9” on length. Lead shot for weight huh? LOL, that’s pretty resourceful. You may stick with that or you may want to consider dumb-bell plates. I got mine at Wal Mart a 2.5lb, a 5lb, and 2 10lb plates all for around $13 or so. Also, I dont know what youre using for a hanger as you dont say…hopefully not a noose. You may want to look into building a simple BIB which can support quite a bit of weight or maybe buying a production model. My advice would be just to read all you can on hanging as I assume this is the type of PE youre most interested in seeing as how you chose it first and stick with it. You sound like the type to stick with goals once you set them. Thats great. It’s a sign of integrity to yourself (which almost nobody has in our society these days…doing something you SAY you’ll do) and commitment…two of the most important things you need to be successful at this stuff. Just never lose sight of your goals or the FACT that this is a JOURNEY not an overnight or short term endeavor. If you are willing to as you said do what it takes to get a 9” dick….in other words commit to at the minimum a year to hit that goal…you will have plenty of time to see gains and reach that goal. You may do it in a year …it may take you longer. Good luck!


Thank you stillwantmore…I already have weight plates, but the shot is more convenient, I feel, and safer if you drop it. I am using a hose clamp over foam tape and ace bandage. I have a hanger in the works, real similar to a bib. I put the clamp up on the shaft, not like a noose.on the head. I do 20 on 20 off, 2 hours every other day,jelking and stretching too. I will start pumping soon too, I need a tube.The information on here is great. My girlfriend and I are not speaking, I guess you could say it is over. However I feel that with a 9” dick and a six figure income, I may be able to get a date, unless things are really tight out there. I may use that as a personal ad header. (six figure income and 9” dick) I am interested in ads and cementing your gains, that may be the answer to this. I am still absorbing all the info on this site. It appears to be all you would need to get something done. I will do whatever it takes, as soon as I figure out what “it” is. I am trying it all.(not overtraining) In beginning bodybuilding, you can get results with almost any method,and I am wondering if PE is like that at first. I find all this very interesting, and wonder why it is not more popular. Who do you know that couldn’t’t use a bigger tool!!

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