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Newbie CookieCutter

Newbie CookieCutter

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post, and I just wanted say what a cool forum. I really didn’t know there was a community for this or names for the exercises. I quess I’ve been doing this on my own, not really sure if this was an actual exersise. I’ve been doing kegels for many years and also my version of the DLD and horse thing, forget the name of the exercise. Well it does work but I was doing these every 3 days or so with no hot wrap, just after the shower. Now after a couple of months using info from this site I’ve made an excellent growth in girth not length. I had to take a month off to heal from a somewhat recent addition to my unit a, Prince Albert piercing. I always wanted one and figured if I was putting all this time into my body and unit why not make a statement and something to set me apart from most. It didn’t really hurt and the first week was a little tender at least. Now that it healed up it looks great and has gave me way more sensation with multiples. Oh and girls LOVE it! Before girls would grab it and smile, now with the extra girth and piercing there jaw drops its great. I’m calling it the “cookie cutter” So I thought I’d share that with everyone hopefully it wasn’t in bad taste I was hoping that mabey another member had this done (no punn intended), and could post any feedback. One more thing, this piercing has not interfered with any of these exercises at all and if I knew how much I’d like it I would have done it alot sooner. Can I change my user ID to CookieCutter it suits me better I think

To the nines,
Thanks for your time,


Welcome Vader,

Good to have you on board. You’re right, this Forum is the best out there for PE information and support.By the way, there are other members on this Forum who have posted about the joy of their Prince Alberts and hopefully they’ll be responding to your thread soon. As a new member to this Forum, you might want to go to SIZE’S PE DATA SITE (see bottom of page) and post your stats, just so that you have an ongoing log of your progress.
Continued success to you.


Thats GIRTH!!

Thanks for the welcome, I submitted my numbers and will have to remeasure in a couple days I couldn’t get the max pump as usual, its late for me. Checked out your #’s also. Wow, thats alot of girth, REALLy. If you don’t mind my asking, are BJ’s a thing of the past because my girls get a sore jaw and I’m close to 5.6 EG 6.7? is huge I think my EX’s mouth is big but even she would shut the hell up and run.

To the nines,
Thanks again

I give up, whats a “Prince Albert” ?

"If you build it, they will come".

Fortunately for me, girth gains seem to come much easier for me than length. So far, I haven’t had any problems receiving BJ’s from my wife as I’ve grown steadily in size over the past two years. She likes to give me oral quite a bit and has adjusted her talents as I’ve gotten larger. We are presently on a break from sexual activity due to my wife’s surgery, and I hope when we resume that I haven’t gotten too large for her oral expertise.

A Prince Albert is a piercing in the glans. Maybe Vader may elaborate on the exact configuration of his.


Hope your wife comes through just fine. Thanks again for your time and I’m sure we’ll chat again very soon.

Just like Peforeal stated its a piercing but not through the glans thats a reverse PA. Mine is the most common and it is located through the trianagular area just under the glans through the urethura and out through the meatus. It give a sensation through your entire glans that is unreal. Nobody asked me 30 yrs. ago if I wanted part of my dick removed so I guess this is my way of uncircumcising myself.


Originally posted by tryn4more
I give up, whats a “Prince Albert” ?


Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

With a Prince Albert, when you take a piss, does it spray all over the place, or does your piss-stream remain unchanged?

Ouch!! and peeing straight?

Not really as bad as you would think, as compared to being shot in the leg. (3 secs of “I’m alive” pain) It’s my last and only remaining peircing, trying to be more professional. In my line of work your parnters don’t take kindly to being paired up with the pierced and tatooed guy.
I’ve read alot of your posts and it sounds like you have a good idea on how to make great gains. Please give me some direction to find a program for someone whos been doing this seriously for a couple of months. I took a month off and I’m warmed up and ready to go. Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
Not sure if I should do a little all day every day or all once a day 4 times a week, a little confusing.

No there is really not to much of a trickle its pretty straight and normal (I have exceptional aim) just a little drips off the CBR (captive bead ring) unless its a 6 ga curved barbell then its like your marking your territory. (the bead is in the way unless you move it forward) Its all good with the ring though. I will never sit down to pee, ever! thats just wrong.

To the nines

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