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New way for extra size?

New way for extra size?

Obviously the root of the penis lies behind the scrotum between the scrotum and the perinium. If you press this area down while having an erection you automatically lengthen your bone out. Some men may have as much as 2 inchs back there or more. My question is has anyone discussed a direct method of stretching,growing or accessing this area other than the indirectness of hanging or pumping? Maybe this has been discussed before. In Taoist sexual practice this area can be pressed for deeper penetration and pleasure for the woman if she can take it. Why not devise a means to work it out directly here in the cock gymn? So far the only thing I can think of is massaging it and pressing it down and forward while jelqing or masturbating to an edge. If I could access this meat myself I would me knocking on Mach10, Chuck Yeager stand aside. But I scratch my head as to a good mechanical approach. I beleive that some men have very little penis back behind the scrotum and put it on out on display naturally as ‘scrotomizers’. If you look at Fatcocka or whatever his name is it looks like the base of his penis and his scrotum in some shots are nearly one and the same. This adds to an illusion of girth obviously. Comments anyone? JelkyWadHolmes

Your dick is an upside down ice cream cone stuck in your pelvis that you slowly yank out to reveal more via hanging. Been saying that in my hanging explanations for a while. Does this observation mesh with your theory enough?

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