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New Veins / NO GAINS !! WHY

New Veins / NO GAINS !! WHY

I have been PEing for almost 3 months and seen good increases the first 1.5 months, then barely anything this last 1.5 months.

In the last 1.5 months i have seen a significant vein increase (which is good I hear) yet no real gains compared to the first 1.5 months. Maybe its just skin veins that are increasing in number and size, and not like the real penis veins.

Gains in first 1.5 months:
5.6 NBP —> 6.1 NBP erect length
5.0 —> 5.2 erect girth

Gains in second 1.5 months:
6.1 —> 6.2
5.2 —> 5.25 (maybe still 5.2)

Anyone have a theory? Or suggestions as to what i should do.

My routine has just been kegels during the day, and 150 jelqs at about 2 seconds each.
I try to do 1 set of 150 jelqs between 3 and 5 times a day (depending on my schedule).


No gains or Avg gains?

Take a look at the Thread called “Size’s PE Data Site Totals / Avg”

I calculated the Avg reported gain in Size’s PE Data Site.

lenght / month = .094586 inches / month

girth / month = .04715883 inches / month

Your gains are:

lenght / month = .1 / 1.5 month or .06 / month

girth / month = .05 inches / 1.5 month or .03 / month

Still not bad, maybe not as fast as in the first 1.5 month but keep at it. It all adds up.

I have seen this before and it may be due to using nbp measurements. sometimes the bp measurement (which is a function of total shaft size) will outstrip the gains of the nbp. here is the reason:

the skin that covers the shaft is more elastic there for is easy to stretch but readily pops back to its original size and shape. the tunica and deeper tissues are less elastic so when a stretch is achieved it tends to stay closer to the stretched state with less spring back. Now if the shaft enlarges but the more elastic skin on the shaft does not then the shaft skin pulls the skin covering the fat pad forward a little masking some of the gains. If you took bp measurements initially repeat them now you may find that your gains in the shaft are continuing at a faster rate than the skin.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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