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New tutorial


Zep and N2H, did you guys ever get the player to work??

Is anybody else having trouble with this tutorial??

lil is out of town on a business trip this week, so it will be this weekend before he can correct the width thing in the wrapping one and get to work on the next tutorial. I don’t know what he has in mind for the next one though.

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Haven’t got it to play with out performing an illegal operation but twice, but I will be taking it to the computer repair place soon so will see what they say is wrong with my computer, other than that yeah I watched it twice all the way threw so far and I like it very much, Thanks Lil12Big1, and ThunderSS, :) .


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I can’t view either tutorial. When lil1 came out with the ADS tutorial, I couldn’t view it on my desktop, but could on my laptop. Now I can’t view the new one on either. I’m up to date with the flash player and am running IE 5.5

I would really like to see the one on wrapping. Is there any way someone could email it to me?


Hi Thunder, when I try to load it, I get a white box where the player would load, and nothing happens. I did uninstall flash then re-install it. I can’t figure out why it worked once on my laptop and now wont… hmmm..

I don’t have much else I can try any suggestions are welcome.


A white box means the player is not the most up to date version. At least it did in my case. I had uploaded a Flash player when lil put up his first tutorial. Well when he put up the second one and did the edit on the first one, all I got was the white box on both of them. And I thought I had the most up to date Flash Player. Anyway, I screwed around for about an hour and decided to download another copy of the Flash Player and reinstall it. That’s when I found the problem. :D My Flash Player was NOT up to date. Flash 6 is the latest version, and it has quite a few updates in it for ActiveX. Try downloading the player again from the website. It should install automatically and overwrite the older player.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Hey MrStayPuffed!

Thunder is absolutely correct - the white box means your Flash player is out of date - the new player has only been released for a few weeks. The reason you could initially view the earlier tutorial is because I had optimised it for Flash player 5. I have since remixed it and updated it to Flash 6. Flash 6 gives far more scope and features - it allows you to view imbedded video …. and lots of other neat things too!

Hope you enjoy it.

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I you played the first tutorial with Flash 5 BEFORE ungrading to Flash 6, you might have to go back and clear ALL temporary internet files (including offline files) to get the newer one to play. This is the only way I got it to work. Nice job on those!

Not sure, I’m only 75% computer literate not 100%. I still use Explorer 5 and dont use cookies or any other feature that traces web pages so this might not apply to most of you.

Hello, after reinstalling on my laptop I got it to work! Yah! The desktop is a lost cause, however but that’s ok.

Good job on the tutorial Lil1. I don’t know what you’re working on next, but my vote is for how you attach the bib after you wrap.



Finally saw the wrap tutorial

Amazing! He gets the envy of this radio, tv, and film major. Genius! I could never figure out when it was written. Thanks for the visual. Your the man LIL! Our very own OZ Spielberg!

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