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New thoughts on "Popping" sounds


New thoughts on "Popping" sounds

It happend to me yesterday during on of my jelquing sessions:

The infamous “popping” sound.

Well, I don’t believe ligs can “pop”. I think it’s more the Pubic bone that shifts around when pulling and putting stress on the ligs, ‘cause those guys are attached to that bone.

Here’s my theory:

Doctors, Personal Trainers and all sorts of Coaches recommend a thourough warm-up before engaging in any exercise regime, incl. stretching. Has anyone here on this board ever heard the ligs “pop” in the back of your knees, for example? Or in your shoulders? Not me. It’s always the joints that shift around, making that cracking sound, meaning the bones. Ligaments are very strong connections between joints, muscles and bones. I don’t believe they “pop”, I believe the PC bone is responsible for that.

Any ideas on that?

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Pubic "joint"

This makes sense because at the point where the suspensory ligament is attached, the pubic “bone” is really a joint between the two halves of the pelvis. It’s not a solid bone at all and is referred to as the “pubic symphysis.” Here is an x-ray view. It’s the gap in the middle toward the bottom of the image.

Great Pic

Very informative. I don’t know if that confirms my theory but it definitely provides some support.

I wonder what Bib’s opinion is about this?

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Makes sense

Some people learn how to “pop their knuckles.” By pushing or pulling a joint in a certain way, an air bubble can suddenly appear in the joint with a “pop.” Once the bubble is there the joint cannot be popped again until the air has been reabsorbed.

Some joints crack as the ligaments and tendons that pass over them slide past bumps on the bones. Individuals who “crack their neck” make noise in this way.


that might be another reason. Good info on that subject.

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Uncut4Big / Mike


I seem to get that popping before a gain, It always makes me wonder if there is some connection with growth.



I’ll keep you posted.

But I can tell you that much: Before the “pop” I was 6.75” in stretched flaccid length bp. After that I was 7.1”. I don’t know if it will be a permanent gain or just the shifting of the bone, but hey, I take it for now.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

concern and confused

Definitely a valid theory. I’d like to ask 2 questions. It seems now everytime I do AI stretches down to the floor I always have that “pop” on the 1st or 2nd pull, scares the crap out of me. Then I back off, scared It’s gonna continue to “pop” during this session until I cause injury. Do you think there could be multiple pops?

2) question: been poping my knuckles for years, Dumbie, I know, so some days my hands ache. Does this mean down the road my dick is gonna ache?

Thanks guys.

I wonder if it is sore after the 1st or 2nd “pop”? If so, take a day off.

Your dick’s not gonna ache, but you can get athritis in your fingers, bro. And then what? So if I were you, I’d stop it.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Sounds like you might be on to something. You don’t even have to be jelqing to get this..

For me, If i have a hard on I just point my dick strait out and grab the head with one hand, and with the other push down at the base and it will pop. Also it only will pop once every couple of hours, kind of like your knuckles.

Going for 9

Arthritis in your hands is one thing, but another would be arthritis in your pubic bone. Perhaps you could be in for painful erections :chuckle:


I dunno bout this…

I pop my knees, elbows, back, nec, wrists, ankles, even every single finger joint (up to the tip) you name it.

especially when I ‘crack’ my elbows, I hear a ‘rippy’ sound. It’s different to the bone snapping sound of say, the fingers.
the joints arent rubbing because they are at maximal bendage. i think that at least some of the sound is coming from the fibrous materials, whatever they’re doing.

Not discounting your idea that sound (or some of it) comes from the bone.


It likely is different from person to person. In women the symphysis pubis relaxes a bit under hormones when pregnant so the pelvis can widen a little for birth. In men it’s pretty tightly bound with connective tissue but can probably shift a little under pressure (or pull). It might be looser in some men and the sound may be bones shifting or it may be other structures.

Thanks, Secjay.

I like the narrative, but where do you find fibrous material within the joints? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only fibrous material I know, is attached to the outside of the PC bone:

The suspensory ligs!

And, yes, that is fibrous material.

Good point there, westla90069.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Pubic joint cavity

Originally posted by Uncut4Big
I like the narrative, but where do you find fibrous material within the joints? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only fibrous material I know, is attached to the outside of the PC bone:

The suspensory ligs!

And, yes, that is fibrous material.

The pubic symphysis has multiple ligaments over, under, around and through it. The suspensory ligament attaches to it and provides one means of transmitting force to the joint. If the pop sound is coming from a ligament, it could be any one of them. However, I’m not certain pulling on a lig will make a noise, unless the force is great enough to tear it from its attachment to a bone.

This page of Gray’s Anatomy talks about the ligaments of the symphysis and includes this image. The diagram shows the interpubic fibrocartilaginous lamina which connects the two halves of the pelvis. In the discussion of this cartilage layer it mentions that a cavity is often found within the symphysis. Perhaps this cavity is related to sounds produced when the joint is moved under force.

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