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New, think about this now....


New, think abou this now....

Alright guys bare with me here.

I’m sitting in the library at school today. I see this little fox walk by and she catches my attention. I continue to watch her and her actions. She turns and walks back to a table in front of me to pick up a book she left there. There are now two guys standing behind the two chairs about to sit down. She glances at one guy, and then looks at the other and flashes this big smile, looks at him a good bit longer and then grabs her book and walks off……..and now where is tigerbass going with this?

The guy she quickly redirected her attention to was a muscular, tan, athletic looking guy. And for all we know, has a 2” torpedo in his pants! And the thin wirery guy she glances right over might have had 8” of grade A meat between his legs. But like most of us, they didn’t walk about the library with there cocks hanging out.

I propose this guys. By all means CONTINUE your PE efforts. I am just like all of you, the more I have, the more confidence I feel. But……Newbie got me turned onto only jelqing for about 10 mintues every other day. This has worked well for me, maybe not all of you, but some it will probably work for also. Before his post I was jelqing 30 to 45 minutes daily. I say take that 20-35 minutes you had and work on the first thing girls can size up. It doesn’t have to be a crazy all out extreme work out. Start out slow, for most of us a few sets of push ups and crunches would work WONDERS for the first couple of months. Then take those weight you have lying around for your hangers and do something constructive with them (research and find out how to work out first)

Look at it this way, first thing a girl is going to see is what you look like in your clothes! Chances are at first glance she is not going to be able to tell that you go from 3” to 7” in .5 seconds flat…..dig? You must first catch her attention with the rest of your body at a glance, then later you can impress the pants right off of her with your nice, toned, naked body………..not to mention your equally impressive healthy, conditioned penis.

Hope I prevoked some thought….

DO NOT get the wrong idea, I am in no way trying to give us all another insecurity to deal with. I am asking some of you to change your priority just a tab and reap the “questionable” benifits. What could you possible have to lose? I nice looking bod to match your awesome cock?

Once, again, tigerbass, some good food for throught. I think you’re slowly becoming the board’s philosopher.

But to take your library experience a little further, I would bet that if you were able to get 10 women to go through and check out those two guys, I’m sure you’d get at least some of them to go for the other guy — and maybe even one for yourself.

We could all assume that the reason she chose the “muscular, tan, athletic looking guy” was his physical attributes. But for all we know, maybe it was the book he was reading or the clothes he was wearing. We just don’t know.

Now, I don’t mean by that, that you shouldn’t care about how you look, or not try to improve yourself. On the contrary. But I think both men and women, when chosing a mate, look at the whole package of a person. Of course, physical attraction is initial, but everyone’s idea of ‘good looking’ is different, and physical attraction tends to fade off quickly.

I just think you should focus on all aspects of your life, both physical and mental. You could be the best looking girl/guy, but if you’re an a**hole, the relationship just ain’t gonna last.

Hey Tigerbass I was that muscular, tan, athletic looking guy you were referring to. Ok that was a lie, I am the fat, pasty white, lazy looking guy.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Maybe she wasn’t an LSU fan…..

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


I think you make a great point.

There are various ways that one can get ones package to be prominent through clothes. light color. flat front pants. parking it ot the right not the left. etc. However before a chick is gonna check your package she has to percieve you as a potential date to start with. If you don’t groom yourself, stink and are 150# overweight, she ain’t gonna look your way much less even think about your package. Hair, eyes, smile, confidence, humor are attributes that women take note of in men when forming a first impression of him about whether he would be suitable to consider for a romance. Lets not neglect them.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

yeah but...

Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
Hey Tigerbass I was that muscular, tan, athletic looking guy you were referring to. Ok that was a lie, I am the fat, pasty white, lazy looking guy.

hahaha, I’ve seen your pics. You’ve got the whole Kid Rock appeal going on. You’re a rock star man! rock on….

Originally posted by Cajun
Maybe she wasn't an LSU fan…..

Cheatin whore if she wasn’t……….probably a damn bama fan, or worse………..OLE MISS!! blah!! gross!

Originally posted by jGman
I just think you should focus on all aspects of your life, both physical and mental. You could be the best looking girl/guy, but if you're an a**hole, the relationship just ain't gonna last.

Basically my point, you just added a very important point I forgot. The mental aspect of ones life, but that’s a whole nother post for a whole nother board! :)

LOL@ tigerbass

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Funny post, but...

…Tigerbass has a point, though. I don’t think he meant that guys have to work out like maniacs in order to fit the bill that society, media and Hollywood created in regards to looks.

Girls appreciate a guy who is taking care of himself, dresses nice and shows some manners. A guy that’s in shape draws more attention from the females than a flabby, out-of-shape kinda guy. Sad but true. But then again, obesity has become an epidemic here in this country and it went so far that even teens now trying to sue McDo for making them fat. Laughable.

A bigger dick will increase your confidence, even when you’re a few pounds overweight, but you can make that up with a good sense of humor and your newly gained confidence. And girls will notice that. Confidence is a turn on for the female population.

Just my two cents on that. Good post, Tiger.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Good Point

I think the main thing you were trying to say was take some of this PE time and use it for another form of self improvement.

This is an excellent idea. We can spend lots of time on PE but an hour a day probably isn’t much better than half an hour so we might as well use the extra half hour to improve ourselves on another front.

You can get a pretty decent workout in your room or basement in 15-25 minutes, make a little effort to avoid eating total crap and spend half an hour on your dick and be far ahead in the overall physical picture compared to someone who spent the whole hour PEing. All this with the same investment in self-improvement time.

Really good point Tigerbass


Originally posted by tigerbass

Basically my point, you just added a very important point I forgot. The mental aspect of ones life, but that's a whole nother post for a whole nother board! :)

I eagerly await that post. :)

The door swings both ways, my man. Do you find yourself exchanging glances with keg-shaped fat chicks? (excuse the expression) That’s just the way it is. People like looking at beauty. Sure, there’s plenty of ugly dudes with big dicks…just look at Ron Jeremy. And I don’t think us guys should be walking around with their cock measurements printed on their T-shirts to let chicks know in advance. I don’t think women look at men in terms of bodyparts. They consider the man as a whole, so it helps to be fit… makes them want to find out what you got down there!

If I ever hit the 8” mark, I’ll be all set. In my own mind, I’ll know I have a huge cock so it’ll be MUCH easier to talk to ANY woman I want, no matter how intimidating her beauty is because I’ll know that I can’t go wrong with this big dick.

i like to think of myself as a pretty good catch (dont we all) i seem to get on well with girls, most of my friends are girls. i can talk to them well, i am reasonably good looking naturally (which wont last - in my family the men are good looking when young, and ugly when older), and i can make myself look pretty damn hott (ok, it sounds too much like im full of myself, believe me i am not), although i must admit that since pe came into my life i have not had time to work on my body, i was getting into very good shape but now thats going, when i reach my goal i will go back to building my body, then i will be the perfect man, lol.

its strange, i am actually a very insecure person (but we all are, otherwise we wouldnt be here), and yet i manage to create this confidant exterior for myself and it works.

sorry for rambling,


Shooting for 9"


very good point about how one should look after himself in other aspects than PE. The more areas one can improve in the better. Yet another reason to participate in the various threads concerning non-PE related issues.

But really, how many guys do girls actually turn their heads and look after, or openly check out? So that´s no fair way to measure attraction.

I´ve had girls claiming I´m such a guy and that this and that girl was checking me out just now, but I´ve seen my reflection in a window and I´m not all that. I think it´s in their heads, because they have gotten to know me and therefor find me attractive, thus assuming others do so as well.

It´s much more a mental thing than a physical. How many times have you not gotten to know a girl and then started noticing that she´s really pretty when she smiles, or does that thing with her hair, or whatever.

Think about this for a while, if you´re average in every aspect, average high, average built, average looking, average roamantic and so on, you´re most likely way above average on total. How many do you know that are actually at least average in every aspect, not too many. Most are really good at a few and totally lacking at others. Improve yourself in every which way instead of just one.

If you have a hard time grasping how many average can become way above average, consider this (bear with me, I have to use my math skills(?) sometime in life or they´d be a waste. I´m sure you all understand anyway.).

The chance of rolling a six with a six-sided dice (representing one talent of yours) is 1/6, so roughly one could say that average here is 1/6 because it will be a six 1 out of 6 times.

Now you have another dice (representing talent nbr 2), the chance of rolling a six is 1/6 here as well.

Now, does this mean that we will roll 2 sixes 1 time of 6? That´s the “average” right? But no, the chance of rolling a double six is actually 1/36, which is much more rare. Keep stacking dices (talents) like that and the odds become harder and harder to beat. That´s how average becomes a winner!

Yeah, hell, even I wouldn´t understand that explanation :p


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