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New Stretching Aide Idea!


>The question’s now, how to attach some weight without ripping the thing.

Gaffa tape and a loop of rope.

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Is he still alive?

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Uncut4Big / Mike

I know of an item that works on this principal but I wouldn’t recommend it for the penis. They make a cord hanging device to hang large electrical cord from the overhead. They are made of wire woven in this pattern, you push the cord thru from the end of the wire mesh to the connector on the other end, when you pull on the cord the wire tightens up in it and it is very secure. These come in a variety of diameters and any electrical supply will have them. They would definitely hold up to the weight but I’m not sure how well they would grip. Also I have seen a nylon woven mesh that is used to cover cutting tools for metalworkers, they wouldn’t be very useful for this application, they don’t grip, they just expand to fit. The wire mesh cord hangers are designed to do this very task for an electrical cord, in theory they will work.

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This idea has been bouncing around since the old pub4.ezboard peforum days. It’s been a while since it’s been brought up, though. I don’t think anyone has ever made it work. It seems like it would be the way to go!


Did anyone ever come up with anything like this that was workable?

I think the concept of using a finger trap is better than using a noose-type device due to the fact that it would probably apply force to a greater area of the penis. Those noose type devices kind of just squeeze and pull behind your head, where a big Chinese handcuff would pull almost the entire dong. Perhaps I’ll buy some regular finger traps just to see how they work, then try to construct one large enough to fit my member into…

Starting @ 6.25" x 5" (nbpel) (Nov. '03)

1 year goal = 7.25" x 5.45" (nbpel)

2 year goal = 8" x 6" (nbpel)

chinese finger cuff

Here’s a different take on this. This one is used on an erect penis, though……ELCOMEJAVA.HTML

(RP0006) Chinese Torture Penis Restraint.

An exclusive design by Alternative Leather. Designed on the principle of the Chinese finger puzzle, this unique restraint has proven to be quite effective. The restraint fits on loose prior to an errection, but when full form occurs the straps tighten to form fit all around. The D-ring on the front allows the user to be led around on as leash or fastened down as desired. Made from 1/2” soft latigo leather. Adjustable to fit most sizes. Doubled Garment leather and soft latigo are about the same strength; soft latigo will last longer, however stitched garment looks nicer. Heavy latigo is the strongest. Leather lining adds strength and looks the nicest. Our standard restraint is made with soft latigo and is unlined. See below for available options.

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