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New stretch?

New stretch?

I have always wanted a good lig stretch on the right/left sides on my dick. Yesterday I found out a GREAT stretch which is new to me at least. The stretch is a little complicated to explain. It´s kind of a V-stretch.

1. First of all grab your dick below your legs like the stretch where you are kind of sitting on your dick. But instead of pulling downward, pull it left or right.

2. At this point you have the dick under your left/right leg… Right? Now push your right/left leg down to feel the amazing stretch on the sides.

3. Summary: Pull the dick under your legs to the right or the left. Push carefully the same leg down to increase the stretch…

I just started yesterday, and I don’t know whether these stretches provide good length gains, yet. But, I do think so as my ligs felt really sore during my exercise. I will try these stretches in my routine and keep you informed…

Restarting everything.

I do an exercise similar to this, I think, it was based on the fowfer stretch. I called it the “Lazy Ass Stretch” Basically what I do is pull my penis back to the extreme left and sit on it with my left cheek and leg. Now in this position by simply shifting my seating position the intensity can be turned up. I do a set for 15 minutes to the lefy, return circulation, then do the same to the right. As long as I keep returning circulation I can do these for hours. They are perfect for drivers or people with a desk job. I already said I would find the link in another thread and post it. Is this what your talking about or do I have it wrong?

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

For a few weeks I’ve been doing stretches similar to yours that I wrote about in “Progress reports/Personal routines” with the heading “bent knee stretches”. Knee up stretch

I think these stretches are giving me a stretch similar to what I’ve felt while hanging, but they don’t require any devices or weights and whenever my dick feels uncomfortable I just change my hand grip slightly.

I need to take a few more measurements before I publish the results for peer review, but they seem to be working.

I describe them there as something you do while lying down, but you can also sit on the edge of a chair, reach around your leg, get a firm grip, and stretch your dick. It just leaves you one hand to type.

yep it seems very similar to the stretch I described. I think they are really good and perhaps there are some people looking for this kind of stretch but haven’t found it yet. The best thing except the excellent lig stretch on the sides, are that there is no need of pulling hard with the hands like in many other stretches.

Restarting everything.

Some days I use these as a pre-warmup for Blasters. After an hour long Lazy Ass Stretch my ligs are so loose that the Blasters go very well. Give it a try you’ll see what I mean.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

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