New stretch: The Lightning Rod

I realised I may have invented a new type of stretching, or at least an improvement on a current type of stretch and wanted to share something to the community. I personally vouch for it, and while I cant say “you will gain big” or something of the type, it may just help those who want more lig gains to enjoy an extra cm. I would like to add a disclaimer that you must be in decent physical shape to perform this, otherwise it can be difficult/dangerous.

Essentially, you begin with helicopter shakes, to get your unit to its optimum length. From here, grip it as you would for a BTC stretch and pull through. At this point, get on your knees and bend over, grip further down the shaft with your other hand (maintaining the original under-glans grip with your main hand) and point your butt out like Nikki Minaj while simultaneously pulling your unit upwards (like a lightning rod), towards the ceiling, arching your back as necessary. Sometimes I rest my forehead on the floor for stability. For me, this has been the most powerful stretch. I think in one week, I have noticed more of an effect on my ligs than I have in the past 7. Perhaps this is an accumulation over this time, I can’t say for sure either way but I only noticed it recently and I can feel the power of this stretch more than all others, barring the fulcrum which is almost equivalent. Hold the stretch for as long as deemed adequate and incorporate into your routine as you see fit.

If this already exists somewhere, please inform me on this thread so its original inventor can be credited instead.

Hope this stretch is appreciated.