New Stretch maybe..........

I have been stretching this way for a while its hard to describe but a picture would do nicely. I dotn know if anyone else has said this before or what and if you have then dont mind me. Anyways

you do a normal pull lets say i use my left hand ot pulll it

i pull as far and hard as i can without killing my dick but what I have noticed I get a better stretch and feel if I curl it lik press my thumb into my penis and like turning a doorknob only you are curling it. Its like hanging onto a candle with your left hand right its all straight and up now what I am talking about is slowly turning the candle toward the ground towards you in that motion. so the head gets pulled up into the palm of my hand and sticks out. When i hit this stretch it loks like my dock is a sleight or something or a ski thats bent at the sharp corner up towards the sky. I hope I made this clear enough ahah its hard to explain these things but its dont wonders for me.