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New Squeeze?????

New Squeeze?????

Hey Guys

I have been doing these squeezes for about a month I think I made them up if I didn’t I’m sorry to who ever did. Well I got the idea from the Horse squeeze. So it’s sort of a modified horse squeeze. These squeezes work f-ing great for growth of the bottom chamber they aren’t for newbies so try them at your own risk.

This is what I do I jelq for about 5 min to warm up than I get to 90 to 100 percent erect. Than I take the right hand kegal blood up into my dick grab with the right hand the lowest point at the base and cut off the return blood if it seems to get away I release a little and re-kegal the blood in. Than turn your dick till its pointing to the left and you can see the side and the bottom chamber. Now take your left hand and grab you dick right under the head and squeeze you should see the bottom chamber pump up like a balloon now hold for 30 seconds and release your penis.
Now switch hands and repeat process. I usually do about 3 on each side than jelq some more and throw in some jelq squeezes and horses and than some more of my dino squeezes. I’m getting great results with this squeeze. My bottom chamber used to be the size of a pencil now it’s almost like a roll of quarters well maybe nickles but it’s growing fast. Good Luck

If someone else already made this squeeze up it’s still f-ing great


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Hi dino,

When you turn your dick so it’s pointing to the side, how can you see the bottom? Unless you also rotate it a little? Just wanna make sure I got it.

Dino Squeezes huu? Coooool !

ù ì å í


Hey Dino

I am writing this before trying what you have described, but wouldn’t it be the same anyway? I mean, with a horse squeeze, or something similar, that bottom chamber will inflate…turning your dick just lets you see it, IMO. I don’t see that twisting will affect the area the blood is forced into, but I could be wrong. For example, if you place a half full barrel of beer on its side, roll it so top is on bottom, in effect the beer has been transferred from one part of the barrel to the opposite. Shit comparision, but just thinking out loud.



I have been doing “your” variation for two months.

It is great BTW, but I agree the twisting is not really doing muc h, but I do think it
helps plumpen the veins and get more blood in.


The twist don’t do shit, it just looks real cool. I shouldn’t say it does nothing it makes you want to do more because you can see the effect it has on your dick. It’s just like the horse squeeze except you dont start over your head and squeeze down I didn’t like that part of the horse and I added the twist.

Willb it is a twist, just to see what your doing, when that botton chamber pumps up it really looks great. I always wanted that look and these squeezes are helping me get it.

Hey Phat since you thought of them first lets call the the PHAT squeezes it sounds better than the dino squeeze. Since we are doing squeezes to get a Fat “phat” dick.


Are these not the exercise already called “two-handed squeezes”? I could be wrong, but I think SWM22 used these alot a long time ago. Might check his girth routine posts on EZ’s to be sure. I used to do this exercise, but for some reason it always seemed to irritate my ureathra. Likely because my hands are large and I really had to grip hard at the base to stave off blood flow. Come to think of it, if I do these ever again it might be a good idea to wrap sweatshirt material at the base to get an easier, more even compression under the grip hand. groa


That’s funny.

Naw, I take no credit for anything except managing to marry the two most incompatible
women I could find.


Not the same, but most of the squeezes are close I mean how many ways can you squeeze your dick. I love the jelq squeeze that HJ came up with but they really beat my dick up. I’m forcing my self to take two days off I have been working it pretty hard lately.


Hey I know that feeling my friend. I only have one though


[QUOTEI mean how many ways can you squeeze your dick?[/QUOTE]

LOL! When you first posted that thread that is the exact thought that popped into my mind? Not derisively, but honestly, like man HOW many different ways to squeeze could there honestly be?

Apparently, one can squeeze their dick in a hell of a lot of ways…

We keep coming up with new ones here - lol.

The twist may actually have some effect on limiting the size of the chamber and thus creating greater pressure. Sounds dangerous to me though - which means it’s probably an excellent exercise ;P

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