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New size study -vs- Thunders Place Data


Originally Posted by marinera

And that’s not the worst yet! According to a new study, 27% of men have three balls.


Originally Posted by grow or die
And is this BPEL or NBPEL? I am probably 6.6” BPEL, which is still small as fuck in this study, 55%? Really? I felt fine before because I knew I was a fair bit above average, but this has destroyed my whole belief (I have always gone off this chart I’m worthless (actually, 5% more than worthless, apparently).

How old are you? You have to develope a better connection to your body.

There is no definite average penis size that can be found realisticly. Only a range.
Average is almost the whole population and calling them worthless is a bit pointless.
Learn about statistics and how to read them or read the answers provided already.
BPEL and use the middle line for reference.


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