New routine for girth

Warm-up (Hot tub or masturbating)

You should do this work-out with a 50-70% erect penis.
Lube your penis up.
Now hold the shaft with the left hand (OK-sign) and do 10 hard kegels….

1) Now you have enough blood and can start…. do 5 slow wet-jelqs with your right hand (palm down; the left hand is holding the shaft), then you do 2 hard kegels and go on with 5 wet-jelqs, the 5th is performed by the left hand….

2) Do 10 wet-jelqs with both of your hands (after 5 —-> two strong kegels)

3) Now begin at the start….
do this 5 times….

4) Then Hold your shaft with the left hand, do some kegels…. Now put your right hand just under the head and masturbate (between the point where you started with your right hand and your left hand, which is holding the shaft)
Do this one minute…

Repeat number 1 to 3 5 times….


Refuse 2 Lose