New routine, doing less/more often. Need advice.

I’ve been doing PE for 2 months now. I’ve made some progress, nothing like some of the champs on this board but I am still a beginner.

I’ve worked up to this:
Stretching 30 sec x 10
Jelqing 200 reps
Uli #3 x 5
pump 20 minutes
jelq 200 reps
pump 20 minutes
Cockring tight for 20-40 minutes

I do this every other day taking one of the off days for just manual work without the pump and one of them completely off.

I’m thinking about changing because the skin at the base of the shaft’s underside is getting a little tender and sore. There are no abrasions, blisters, or visible problems, it’s just tender to touch.

What would you experts think about just doing the stretching, jelqing, Uli part 3 days in a row with one day off? Leaving the pump only for times when my wife and I are going to have sex. Would it be as effective without the pump?

I like the results of the pumping and so does she. I’m getting a lot more sex already and that may be part of the problem. When she catches me post workout with the cockring on all swollen up, she’ll ride it like she stole it. Sometimes a bit too aggressively. However, I don’t know if the pump actually contributes to real gains or just temporary size for more sexual enjoyment. If it’s not actually helping with real growth or heaven forbid, preventing real growth…then I’ll pump less and just keep that for when we are going to have sex.

Ideas from those with experience?

Thank you.