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New research on penis measurement reliability

New research on penis measurement reliability

In the august 2002 issue of archives of sexual behavior (this is the most serious scientific journal on the topic, not to be compared with ad hoc stuff people post on websites or in pop magazines), there are the results of penis measurement of 312 homosexual englishmen (by their “partners”). The interesting part is not the means (15.3 cm nbp length, 12.5 cm girth just below the head = 6 inches nbp length x 4.9 inches uppermid girth), but the mediocre reliability of the measurements seperated by a 3 month interval (correlations of only .5 to .6).

So, do not get too concerned about day to day fluctuations.

Maybe the differences were due to PE but they were too shy to admit it.



There was not an overall increase or decrease from the first to the second measurement, so it was not a matter of some of them getting bigger (unless some were also getting smaller).

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