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New member...not quite...just joined...

New member...not quite...just joined...

Hello fellow Forum’ers. I just stumbled across this great forum today and have read literally every post on here already. This site is great and a true godsend to people who have always wanted a place where they can learn and ask questions about PE without the hassle of getting a perspective from someone who is paid by a manufacture to get people’s hopes up, and the caliber of it’s members is second to none. Every one of you sound like great guys (and gals)…very informative, helpful, and sincere.

I have just ordered a 3 month supply of VigRx and have read numerous accounts of how people have had successful results when they encorporate a supplement with a PE. I know I know…”VigRx?!?!?!!” you’re all saying. I just figured why the heck not, I know I’m probably giving into the hype but some of the variables have been scientifically proven to help blood flow and that is what you need when doing a PE.

I am in the process of finding the right PE for my particular needs. As of now I measure 3” flaccid and 6” erect. My goal with PE, VigRx, and Ball Rings is to hit 7-7.5. I figure those are attainable goals and not too far fetched.

Any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated.


Hey Steve0

Your goal is a realistic one and you’ll get there if you are patient and ready to work hard. Take it easy at first, you don’t want to injure yourself :)

Welcome to the board, I’m sure you will enjoy it even more with time.

I will let others comment about the VigRx.

ù ì å í


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