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New Master Plan

New Master Plan

Well, as I’m approaching my 2 year anniversary of PE (Aug. 28, 2004), I’m doing some revising & plotting.

I’ve developed a special length approach: 2 daily sessions (AM & PM) of 20 minutes each, mostly stretching above 10:00, with a lot of fulcrum stretches thrown in. I’ll be doing 3 levels of intensity: (1) Severe [30 second sets], (2) Intense [1 minute sets], and (3) Moderate [2 minute sets]… all mixed in.

I’m also going to include a daily total of at least 5-7 minutes of bundled stretches, but not going above “Intense” level 2 with the torsional stretching.

I’ll also include some restorative jelqing - slow, steady jelqs, but not at a high rep count.

I’m going to give this approach a good 4 months and see if I’ve made “decent” gains. If so, I’ll proceed; if not, I’m going back to what I know will work for me: the luvdadus-inspired daily jelqathon. When I was doing this routine, I was gaining length. The only problem was that my girth gains were almost at a 1:1 ratio with lenght gains (very close to it). But if that is what it will take for me, fuck it - I’ll just have to live with 6.5+ midshaft girth. But, at 39.5 years old, I’m not going to keep spinning my wheels by pulling & pulling for minimal gains. I don’t want to wait to get my “dream cock” until my 45th birthday! I’ll let the chips fall where they may. And if I develop a “pussy-splitter,” oh well. :)

The way I’ll do the luvdadus-inspired workout is that I’ll reduce those 2 daily stretch sessions to about 12-15 minutes each, then load up hundreds of jelqs throughout the day. Either way, I will hit my goal of a huge beefstick before my 3-year anniversary (Aug 2005). And, for me, life will truly begin at 40. :)

Here’s a link to my (almost) 2-year progress update:

Wad’s PE Journey - Updated!

- w a d

I say go for it man, if the length simply isn’t going to come any other way get the girth. Most girls would probably like it anyway.

Previously known as Gandolf*

That’s pretty much the conclusion I’ve come to. And I will say this - coming from the perspective of a guy who’s been boning the same woman for more than 18 years - the girth gains are the most significant, for both of us.

Don’t get me wrong, the “CDS Bonanza” is a mind-blowing experience for both of us, but it’s not a sure thing. At my present length & her pelvic configuration, it’s usually just an “occasional” blast for us (coming at specific intervals of her cycle, as luvdadus explained). But the girth gains are an each-and-every-time rage for us.

If you consider the *average* penis to be about 6 x 4.8, that’s only about 11 cubic inches. That size could, of course, bring pleasure to the vast majority of women - but when the gals are wet & dilated, it’s more of a “sliding in and out” kind of pleasure. If that’s the biggest size that a particular woman ever had, she wouldn’t think she was missing anything. And even when I met my wife (at 6.5 x 5.25), that’s the type of pleasure we always had - the “sliding in an out,” even though at 14.26 cubic inches, I was still almost 30% bigger than the *average* guy.

But after a stretch of PE, which includes nearly 1” of EG gains, sex is a totally different animal for both of us. Even when my wife is dripping wet - for example, right after I finger her off - she’s still a snug fit. There’s no “sliding in and out,” I’m actually pulling her inside and out. It is an extremely intense feeling for both of us when I’m rattling her innards. For all these years, that’s something that neither of us had ever experienced (even at 5.25” EG, I had the thickest of the 3 cocks she’s ever had in her life). At my present size (7.72 x 6.2 midshaft, 6.7 base), I’m by far the fattest piece of beef she’s ever had.

And in the past, I could even screw her when she was just “a little wet.” Now, that’s impossible. Besides, a woman is most receptive to enjoying sex when she’s heavily aroused - which also makes it a perfect fit for both of us. When we go a while without sex, it’s almost like she forgot how good it was, because when we do screw, she’ll bone me for 2 or 3 days in a row - until her pussy is aching (which just happened now - 4 screws in 3 days).

My wife and I have had a very rocky past 2.5 years, which had nothing to do with sex. Ironically, I think my bigger & better beefstick is actually what’s kept us together so far (through this bad period). Even though we’re 39, the sex is far better for us than when we were 21; something I never would’ve imagined. She’s talked about leaving me a bunch of times (mid-life crisis, dissatisfaction with our lives, clinical depression, etc.). But then she’ll remember my hammer, and start playing with it.

It looks like we’re going to split in the near future, but I’m waiting to see if her upcoming operation (removal of a large & growing thyroid tumor, and a complete thyroidectomy), as well as the readjusting of her medications, will improve her mental state, allowing us to seriously work on this 18-year marriage - which includes 4 kids.

But she has made a number of very telling statements - such as she expects sex from me at least 1-2 times per week, after we’ve split. Now, that is fucked up and unsettling, but it also indicates several things to me. She probably suspects that she ain’t gonna find a better fuck buddy out there. Furthermore, she’s allergic to latex (severe reactions with condoms), and as a nurse, she is well versed (and afraid of) STDs. So she doesn’t really have many options, obviously. I’ve told her that when she throws me out, my kyack goes with me - and that results in her having a bout of depression.

Now, if she does leave me, life goes on. I survived a far worse loss with the cancer death of my mother when I was still a teenager. I survived that; albeit, somewhat worse for the wear. But the thought that this woman I’m with feels so addicted to my beefstick, that even after she leaves me, she still expects to get pounded by it is pretty damn satisfying (and a testament to the wonderous benefits of PE). This is why I suspect that if she does leave, she won’t be gone long.

Anyway, if it does turn out that she leaves and eventually does meet someone she really cares about, that poor bastard will have a rough act to follow. If all he can do is “slide in and out,” she certainly wouldn’t say anything to him about his weinie (she’s definitely not that type), but she’ll sure notice the difference - and no doubt complain to her girlfriends how her ex was such an “asshole,” but a helluva fuck. :) :) :)

I know the horse cocks are out there, but statistically rare. The odds of her finding an adequate replacement for my 23.62 cubic inches of fuckbeef (BP) are rather remote. I don’t mean to sound bitter, but as a guy who was always self-conscious about his own size for many years, it’s a bittersweet pleasure to be on the other end of the equation. If she does find “Mr. Average” - which is more than an 80% chance - she will have been used to getting hit with TWICE the crotch meat that he can offer. And if he’s dumb enough to ask, she may or may not break the bad news to him. But, most importantly, SHE will feel her loss.

And I’m gonna get even bigger! :)

- w a d

Sounds good Wad.

Just a quick question…what is a torsional stretch?

We all wish youy the best in working things out. Have you by chance read the “five Languages of Love”? It helped me out of a similar rut in a 19 yr. marriage. Good luck and God bless!


Sorry to hear about the rocky marriage. I’m a few years younger than you and while I’ve never been married, I’ve had my share of rocky relationships that were destructive to both parties involved and often I think they were stretched out by physical attraction. That being said, consider yourself lucky that sex is not anything that’s causing the breakup, in fact maybe it’s the only thing you’ve got less. Let me tell you, I have been dumped a few times in my life for various reasons and I would rather have a woman tell me she hates me yet still wanted to fuck than to hear her say she loved me but couldn’t deal with the sex and wanted to just be friends or some bullshit like that.

My advice would be to use your cock and sexual prowess to get whatever it is that YOU want out of this situation. If you want to be with this woman, I think you have what it takes to keep her with you (even if she does stray, I don’t think it will be very far). And, if you don’t want her, you’re still young by many standards so you can do without. And I would agree, keeping an ex wife as a booty call would be a very poor decision. It sounds like she wants to have her cake and eat it too, so to speak. Whatever you decide to do about the wife, you’ve built a massive cock from PE and you better damn well get some use out of it.

Previously known as Gandolf*

Good luck.

>I’ll just have to live with 6.5+ midshaft girth.

Oh, the horror.

Good post. I wish you two can solve whatever issues you have and save your marriage.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Good luck Wad. I hope it works out for you.

PS: Gas Prices have come down. Isn’t that great? On the road again.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I was just thinking about a porn I saw where two dudes are going at this chick.

One guy has maybe 7.5” of meat x maybe 6.5 or 6.75 girth, pretty thick; the other guy is maybe 8.5 or 9”, long but no so thick, maybe 5.5 or 5.75” tops

As the first guy (thick guy) is fucking her, she squirts a few times. Then they switch places and the thinner guy is going at her and she never cums. They switch back a couple of times and sure enough, every time the thicker guy goes at her, she squirts. The thinner guy never makes her ejaculate once, even though he was packing significantly more length.

This has certainly made me re-evaluate my PE goals, perhaps 6.5 girth instead of 6” is what I need. Nonetheless, I am still going to go for length first then girth.

If I was getting pussy on any sort of regular basis, perhaps my strategy would change but for now I am following the conventional wisdom.


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