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New kind of lig stretch


<<<<Is that you Dennis Hopper?>>>>

ROFLMAO! Maaaan, I think it is……like, whoaaaaaaa man

THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski

Who the hell.. I said, Who the hell is Dennis Hopper?

Guys I’m not saying that ‘this technique’ gave me my purple penis. I’m saying that working my penis while it was erect gave me those fucked up 2 years.
Man, and this Dennis Hopper? Dude! You don’t know the Marco vibe! The guys that know me from other forums know my things.. And now I’m on Thunders! WOW!

Dennis who? Man, I’m cracking up! [I better go take a shit]


What’s going on here man?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
OK, Foghorn Leghorn then?

hahha good one Thunder! :)

Man who farts in church sits in pew...

What the hell do you mean by Foghorn? Leghorn?

Jesus! Hijacking threads is ThunderSS’s favourite pastime? :-)

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Lol. Im sure it is Thunder. I only hope the “banning” threat wasnt pointed at me :)

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Thunder! let me know if you need me to find some candidates for the “BAN”. There are plenty here :)

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I know god. Chill.

Thunder you crack me up!

Man who farts in church sits in pew...

EN-NUFF! - I’m off to PE!


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