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New Kegel Method


Thanks guys for your immediate responses.

Mgus: I can stop while urinating - but as you can imagine, it does not work 100% properly. I also need to go to bathroom a few times more than you guys. Thanks for the link !!

Ziggaman: Well my sex life is excellent (at least very satisfying) - but hey, how should I know anyway if it we’re better without this defect-nerv crap ? ;-). But it works very fine for me as it is and it seems to give my girl a really good time ;-).

PE: Till now, I am not so eager to break the world record. I came across PE and saw a possibility to specifically exercise parts of my body that I cannot control as much as I wished. So, first and foremost, I hope to enhance control and things like that. That is also why I am so interested in kegeling - because when I purposely try to contract the muscle and it doesn’t work, than that is something I need to work on. When having sex, everything works as it should (at least I think it does *lol).
So, I have just recently come across all the details of anatomy surrounding the bottom-part of the body, so I am currently just figuring out what works, what not - a status assessment. Then I’ll exercise, I think that can’t harm. And if I feel good enough - I’ll go for the record ;-).

What is the rest period between all sets and reps

that’s how women kegel. thats what they’re told to do. not just squeese a bunch of times. they’re told to squeeze and hold. they even have a little device they have to do them. they shove it in there and hold it in for a certain amount of time and reps. i saw it in “Squirters 2”!

seymore butts \m/


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