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"New" Jelqing tool

"New" Jelqing tool

I bought this thing I’ve since learned is called a jar wrench at a thrift shop the other day. It works really well as a jelqing device. I put my dick in the smaller curved area, not the wider one closer to the hinge (see picture).

It’s especially good for hitting the corpus cavernosa (sides) of the cock. While sitting on the edge of my chair, I place my cock (with a 25 to 50% erection) in the little curved area and grip the top two ends together fairly tightly. I hold it vertically, with the hinge towards the floor and the bottom of the tool braced against the front edge of the chair. From there it can be used sort of like a lever, with the hinge against the chair serving as the fulcrum. It can also be used horizontally, but slightly less conveniently. I think it gives me a better jelq than my power jelq (canning jar lifter with foam padded rollers) particularly on the sides of my dick.

I retrofitted mine by wrapping foam first aid tape around the curved areas.

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Looks like a nut cracker!

I especially liked the link for the picture: “Click to enlarge.”

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Originally Posted by gprent

Looks like a nut cracker!

Yup. It’s true. And a nut cracker would work too, with some cushioning. This jar wrench thingy is cool because the larger size makes it easy to apply pressure evenly to both sides, and to use like a lever, as I described. It can also used two handed, with one hand on the handles and the other on the hinge end.

That looks like a good idea.

It kind of reminds me of Tom Hubbard’s original Jelq Sticks,which I used for awhile.I gave them up though as my PE drawer only has room for so many gadgets.:)

Originally Posted by tps
I like the leverage part as long as you don’t get carried away. Ouch.

Hmmm, a reciprocating motor, couple of cams, and a few other pieces and you have the Auto-Jelq.

Get to work TPS:)

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