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New Intense Tunica Stretch


New Intense Tunica Stretch

Well it’s not entirely new it a variation of the V-Stretch

Not quite sure if this has been done before but here go’s

When I would perform a regular v-stretch my hands would get tired from making the “v shape” so I was messing around with a fulcrum hanging with the bib and a wooden pole which I didn’t like all that much and my favorite stretch is the v-stretch so I used the pole with the manual v-stretch and came up with this.

1- First sit on the edge of a chair or bed

2- Now stretch your penis straight out - see picture 1

3- Whilst holding your penis with one hand place the wooden pole on TOP of penis but hook the ends of the pole UNDER your thighs. See picture 2

4- Now you grasp the head with one or both hands and pull up, now the pole will be locked in under your thighs creating a v stretch and you can vary the intensity by using your thighs as well by pushing down with them while pulling up with both hands. See picture 3

The pole I used is about 40 cm long and half an inch in diameter the smaller the pole in diameter the better I think.

Well that’s about it just try it and tweak it to your needs so you feel a good stretch in the shaft.

Picture 1

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p4b1 - each image has to be posted in a separate reply. Only one came through. Try again?

having troubles posting them can someone help

pic 2

Nope no pic there.

Your browser appears to be uploading the pics badly. Is it timing out during upload?

Please don’t keep creating threads for these pics unless you have photos rather than diagrams. Thanks.

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If you’re on a dialup try reconnecting.

How big are the pics (filesize)?

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already reconnected

files sizes are about 10kb

>files sizes are about 10kb
Thats fine.

Our server is giving this error:

No Mime boundary found after start of file header

This seems to indicate that the browser is formatting the POST incorrectly or that the POST isn’t getting through properly. Is there an update available for the browser? Have you successfully uploaded to other sites? Do you have a firewall that might be intercepting and removing the file from the post?

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i posted the drawings on MOS with out problems

Well that rules out your browser I guess. Leaving the connection and our server.

Could you email the images to I’ll get them up for you that way.

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Memento I’m even having problems sending them to you I can’t attach them to my email so I will try again tomorrow also would it be possible to put a link to MOS where I posted it ??

Pumpin’, what you describe is my favorite stretch. You discovered it on your own, but thanks go to Stillwantmore for turning me on to it. He calls it a mega-V: The "MEGA V" Stretch!

I talk about it some more here in this couch potato routine where I call it a kickback mega-V: Couch Potato Routine

And RB describes it here: New to me Lig stretch…

You can do them a few different ways: SWM described it standing up, you do them sitting down, I do them lying back with my knees up, RB started in the sitting position and then stood up. The stretch can work the tunica, but I mostly do it to hit my ligaments. The closer you get the pole to the body the more it hits the ligs; it depends on where you place the pole to create the fulcrum effect.

You might want to try twisting the pole like I describe in the couch potato routine. Doing the mega-V and then twisting the pole when it’s right on top of my ligaments gives me a more direct, intense stretch than any other manual method I know. It should be done with something smooth like a PVC pipe. Wood is too rough against the skin.

It would take a pretty long dick to try, but I’d love to know how a mega-V would feel while hanging.

I’m glad you posted something abou this stretch. It deserves a place in the pantheon of great stretches…that is if someone ever gets around to building a pantheon for great stretches.


I went to MOS and retrieved the three drawings and combined them into one.

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