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New Heat Pad For Your Consideration


Originally Posted by Sizemeister
This is something that could be flown in under the radar for those of us trying to do it in stealth. My mind is already starting to conjure up ways to incorporate this into my maintenance routine where wrapping is beneficial.

I have what you would call a lingering condition or injury, so I bought a microwavable heat pad.

First of all, they’re big and bulky.

2nd, some of them have to be wet before you place them in the microwave, which would complicate the whole “stealth” thing.

3rd, I tried cutting mine into smaller pieces so that I could hide it in my pants, but it was almost impossible to work it out.

I wish they made small wrist band size heat pads; and not the kind with that eucalyptus burning crap that’s in those disposable ones.

PE should, in my opinion, be a health thing, like brushing our teeth and working out.

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Hey gprent, all with you using a heating pad two thumbs up!


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