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I would like to know how long you have been jelqing. I am serious about it. 20 months now. Gains of 2.5 inches in erect length and over 1” in girth gain. I am always interested in other mens exercise programs and how their successes are going. Looking forward to hearing from you. BTW, I am 62 years old and decided at age 60 that I wanted to change the way my penis looked so I started jelqing. Believe me, it has changed me and my whole outlook on life.


My "history"

Hi Uc61la,
Well, I’m 38, and I actually found out about PE in my early 20’s.. I was studying in a physiotherapy clinic, and was introduced to (low and belold!) the vacuum pump, and the “arab technique” of manual stretching (which we all now call jelq)… Being curious at that time I tried both!.. All I found was that the pumping gave me a “fat-floppy-sausage”. Regarding the “jelq” I gained loads of girth in a very short space of time (or atleast, that’s what I recall).. I stopped doing both at that time (the girl I had at that time was very petit, and sex with her was too uncomfortable).. I then got back into PE about 7/6 years ago - I’m a “grower” not a “shower” (I can only estimate that at that time I was about 3.5” Flaccid, 6” Errect)… I did PE for about a year then… but stopped because I got divorced and moved to another country!. (during that year I guess I gained about 0.5” flaccid+erect.

Anyways, Earlier this year I actually got back into PE’ng, NOT looking for doing anything myself, but I had a patient who was suffering from erectile dysfunction (due to associated injuries sustained).. and I remembered about PE’ing… so I just searched around for info on the net - and got a LOT of info…

I was explaining to my wife about all these exercises and the general benefits, etc… and she didn’t believe any of it. so I said, “Ok, I’ll show you!” (that was around march).

During the summer months, because of travelling comittments I took 3 months off. Between March - July I gained about 0.5 overall.

This time round: started about 7 weeks ago - I’ve only noticed gains in flaccid length.

One curious thing: My wife say’s that she notices my tool being “really” hard.. although It seems the complete opposite to me!

(I wonder f anyone else has the same?)

Well, sorry to babble on there…
BTW I don’t hang, but I’m thinking about it!


I copied and pasted the following paragraph from you post in the “Need Input” thread. ThunderSS

“BTW. I’m a physio/chiro therapist. I deal with a lot of patients who suffer from muscular/tendon/ligament injuries. If any of you have any questions, just let me know. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research into injuries/symptoms regarding the penis/groin areas.”

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HArd Dick after PE

After now some months of hanging with the new Bib— and I think getting the wrap right — (Thanks for your help Bib — if you’re reading this) I can feel that the ligs inside my dick, especially at the base and leading inside my body are much harder and stronger than they used to be.

I’m 50 and erections over many years were not what they used to be. PE has improved things a lot.

I’m hoping that when I die (at the age of 95) they’ll be able to dry out my dick and use it for a walking stick!!!! :) :)



Regarding the stronger erections, my theory on this that it is alot thanks to kegels. You can do kegels (this includes P.C. flexing while jelqing) without any other PEing and get a harder erection (and ejaculate to the ceiling). People just don’t mention doing them when they say they PE.


Stronger Dick

I mean that it’s more “sinewy” if there is such a term.


Stronger dick

Hey P8, I know what you mean by “sinewy”… My wife commented the same about me: although I would say it’s more “vascularized”: The skin appears real tight excentuating a “muscular-look”, and the main veins bulge (along the shaft).

I don’t know if anyone else has seen the same effect: I sort of half expected it, being that I don’t really have (and never had) much body fat - I’ve always been involved in some kind of sport and my body metabolism is quite high (I burn fat easily).

Another funny comment from my wife: she thinks it’s “heavier” (I know muscle is 3 times the density of fat).

Lt8r PE’rs

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