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new exercize

new exercize

Iwas reading a couple of weeks ago about an exercize involving squeezing the head and forcing blood back into the shaft to increase girth. Ive been doing it off and on for a month now holding for about ten seconds but see no results but no problems either I CANT REMEMBER WHO POSTED THE EXERCIZE but wonder if anyone else has tried or gained from it?



for ‘horse’ or ‘horse440’. Should find what you’re after


Horses are highly stressful. But I “think” they can work, for guys who are already conditioned.



Hey seelefty,

The Horse squeezes were introduced on March 2002 by Horse440 - actually he called them “mega squeezes” but now everyone calls them Horse squeezes - and became very popular around here. I do them too and they seem to be very effctive for girth.

Link to original thread:

Horse 440 Squeezes

Bear in mind that this is an advanced exercise, not for newbies.

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I think that what you are looking for is called Horse440 squeeze after the same guy.


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This is one exercise where I would recommend lubrication—I have tried it without lube, and it is painful, though it does work.

If you are in a situation where lube is available…wait until you have been PEing for 6 months or so before you try it. Your dong has to be conditioned for this or you could probably hurt yourself. Slow and steady wins the race.


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