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New exercise

New exercise

I just tried a type of squeeze, not sure if it’s been tried before, but the sore feeling is much more with this than with any other squeeze I have tried so far (Uli, sadsak, horse). I dunno if someone does this, would like to know if it’s effective. Here goes…

I grip the dick with my right hand (right handed) so that the pinky touches the base (balls) and the index is towards the head (basically grip with the entire hand). Best if the penisis 70-80% erect as with other squeezes. Kegel just before tightening the grip, then tighten your grip as you press your hand onto the base (engorges the head a little more).

Wait for a few secs. for the head to remain engorged for a while. Then wrap the free hand over your head & just squeeze the head hard.

I think the stresses here act both on the head & midshaft. Unlike in horses where there’s no stress on the head. Here, the head is engorged for a while, so there are expansive stresses acting on the head. Moreover, since your right hand grip ranges from the base to midshaft (tight all through), the blood is trapped between the upper midshat & head. Squeezing the expanded head will put stress on those blood vessels in the head (gives you a sore feeling in the head). Then the blood shifts more towards midshaft, thus increasing the lateral stress on the midshaft (as in horses).

If anyone’s tried this lemme know the results.

Yeah I do those instead of horses because I always felt like I was gonna rip the flesh off of my penis when doing horses….or I just really misunderstood horses….. :)

I like them fine, but it seems to make the veins that run up into the head super hard and pop out….kinds scaries me so I only do a few.

Ya me too, can’t think of running down my hand along the head for horses.

But tigerbass how long have you been doing this and what are the girth gains? How about head size? Do you feel sore in the head after the squeezes?

Hard to say, like I said, I only do a few of them and just incorporate them into intense squeezes and jelqing. I do my program by feel, I dont’ really follow and one exercise or strict regiment. And I’m not measuring again until the middle of the month, but like I said it won’t be an accurate account of what the “head squeezes” have done for me.

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