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New Excercise? Seeing nice results

New Excercise? Seeing nice results

Hi Everyone,

Well I’ve lurked around for a long time and have read as much of the wisdom available here at Thunder’s as I could. I’ve been PEing for 3 months now, starting from mid-March. I’ve seen some good gains in this period. Starting from a BPEL of around 5.5” I’ve now reached 6.2” :) . Like a lot of people I believe that stretching is really important for length gains. I started of with 10 minute O-bend sessions and 2, 10 minute stretching sessions in all directions. Later I decided to back off girth excercises till I was satisfied with my length. So I switched to 3-10 minute stretching sessions everyday. I saw pretty good gains throughout. A big thanks to NineInchNails for responding to my PMs and helping me out with some pointers.

In anycase a week back I was experimenting a bit. I remembered reading that downward jelqs might help with length, especially if you hold a 2-3 second stretch at the end of the jelqing stroke. This is when I came up with my current dry jelq technique. Maybe its been done before, but I’ve never read about it so I thought I’d post. Below is a description of the technique

You should have a very low erection…around 10-20% at tops. Pull the skin a little back and clamp with an overhand OK grip at the base of your penis. With the level of erection you have, clamping at the base should make the upper part bulge out a bit (like if you were to squeeze at the neck of a balloon. However because you have a low level of erection, the clamping shouldn’t cause the upper part of your penis to be very hard (like when you do normal jelqs at 50%+ erection levels). Now pull hard in a downward direction…but don’t let your hand slide down the shaft like in normal jelqs. Instead let it grip onto your shaft. If you have the erection level right, you will get a really great grip on the base of your penis. As you pull down you will feel an amazing lig stretch and can actually feel your “inner penis” getting pulled. Hold this stretch for around 3 seconds, then let your hand slide down to complete a normal jelquing motion. When you reach near the head, again clamp down and hold a 2-3 second stretch downwards. Then repeat the same process. The stretching I experienced with pulling from the base was very intensive and much better than any I’ve managed with normal stretching techniques. I do this twice a day for 10 minutes in each session. 3 sessions becomes overkill, and the penis gets a bit too sore. Your ligs feel really nice and sore after these sessions :) . I havent really documented gains with this technique, but I do know that in the last 5 days alone I have gained close to 0.3-0.4 cm thanks only to this technique. Hope this helps you guys. Do let me know what you’ll think of this and if you’ll find it useful :)
Some additional notes regarding the excercise

- Make sure you dont get too erect. If you are, your base will get too hard and you won’t be able to clamp down and get a good grip to pull and stretch your ligs. Will be a bit harder for you uncut guys coz the stimulation from jelquing might get you’ll harder. Oh well, practice makes perfect :)
- Do remember to pull the skin back before clamiping at the base or you might land up stretching more of your skin, especially when you get to the stretch at the end of the jelquing stroke.
- To get to a right level of erection, I’d suggest to start from flacid state, and kegel in blood after every stroke. Soon you’ll see what I’m talking about and you will be able to judge what erection level to maintain. (Imo the “plumped flacid state” is the best level of erection for this kind of excercise)
- I don’t think this helps girth much because of the low erection levels. But it definitely stresses those ligs out! :) and I’m sure it helps with length

Well I hope I’ve been clear enough with the description. Hope this helps. Would love to hear back from others on how they feel about this, or if they have any suggestions. And sorry if this has been posted before and I just wasted 5 perfectly good minutes of your day :)


Hi Orion,

Sounds similar to the way I jelq. I gained my first inch that way and that’s without doing any other stretching exercise.


Will try. Thanks for sharing.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
I stretch like that infrequently, but without the jelq at the end. Something to try :)

Heh, yeah it did occur to me that I could just leave it at the stretching stage. However I actually started with this excercise because I wanted to incorporate some jelqs into my routine as till now I have been doing only stretches. Everyone I think agrees that all in all jelquing is healthy for the penis if done right. Thats what probably made me incorporate the jelquing bit into it :) . Might as well get something extra out of it I guess. Also the 2nd stretch at the end of the jelq also helps. Another reason why I like this type of stretching is that it dosent stress the glans as much as normal stretches. I was having a bit of a problem last week because my grip for normal stretches would cause a lot of stress on the tip of the glans, and they had actually turned a little purple. Now it’s fine though Im not planning to go back to my previous stretching technique anytime soon.

Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
Is the 0.3-0.4cm gain EL or FL? Or maybe FSL?

Hey, thats BPEL :) . Thats the only length measurement I bother to make as it makes the most sense. NBPEL occasionally just for kicks.

Originally Posted by orion2001
Hey, thats BPEL :) . Thats the only length measurement I bother to make as it makes the most sense. NBPEL occasionally just for kicks.

I thought it would be.

Thats pretty good, going to add these in tonight, right after Blasters and JAIs I think :)

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