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NEW Bib hanger and AutoXtender for sale!!!

NEW Bib hanger and AutoXtender for sale!!!

Hey I have a new bib hanger for sale $110+shipping.

If anyone is interested email me

I also have a new autoextender for sale as well for $110 or both for $210+ shipping.

Reason why I’m selling is because I have both a bib starter and original and autoextender and modified autoextender head for my JES extender. I love both products, bib starter fits me perfect, and the autoextender modified head made me start using my JES again after 2 years of collecting dust, I swear I have a drawer full of PE stuff that I will never use, you name it I got it probably, LOL. So if this helps anyone out shoot me an email, I have ebay feedback if that helps, Thanks.

PS Mods if this kind of post is inappropriate please delete and I apologize.


Ok no problem, coming soon pics!!!

Goodhead, does the autoextenders head-piece fit the Jes? I have a Jes and wear it regularly but no more than 1-2 hours at once. Is that headpiece more comfortable? Also, you wouldn`t happen to have a magnetic wrist wrap for sale? Can`t seem to find it for sale anywhere.

Babbis, the auto extender I’m selling replaces the Jes completely and replaces the noose design, its a lot more comfortable

Yo I am interested!!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
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Thanks ThunderSS, but it wasn’t that, it wouldn’t let me attach more than 2 files, it would just get stuck, so I just linked to my yahoo photo page.

***Just to clarify, I don’t check my email so anyone interested just PM me, I have about 600 new emails from never checking it and I don’t plan on going through them any time soon :) .


Autoextender is sold Bib hanger still avaliable

Yo u have a pm from me

Is the Bib hanger still for sale?


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