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New approach

New approach

After 3 months and little if any gains, I am rethinking my routine. While I have taken rest days, they have been inconsistent and relatively unsystematic. Also, I hate manual stretching. I can’t explain why, but when I stretch I get all hot, flushed in the face, and it just feels like shit. Anyway, I really like my jelq/uli sessions that I have detailed in “My info” thread…I stay pumped for many hours.

I am well aware of the length first or girth first controversy. With that said, since I have gained little if any, hate manual stretches, and love my jelq routine, can I just do that for a month and see how it goes. I am currently 7x6.25 bp and really would like just 1 more inch length. I am also going to incorporate a 3on 2off routine, I think my body needs 2 days to heal after 3 days of work. Also, after 2 days off I get a better pump. Please give me your thoughts on this. Thanks, I don’t want to get discouraged.

One foot to go

I dont think there’s anything at all wrong with your new approach…I’m in a similar “boat” with you on manual stretching. I dont like it compared to hanging. I am currently only working girth with the aid of Generic Viagra, and am loving the girth sessions. I find personally that I enjoy doing girth work. I’m using mostly two handed squeezes (modified horse 440s where I squeeze entire glans), and erect bends. My plan is to get my girth gains that I want first…to 7” E.G. and then get back into hanging. I think my full sized BIB will fit me much better when I am thicker than it does now. Go for it man!

Yeah, but your “boat” is bigger. How’s jelqing been going for you, you started back up, right? Thanks for the reply.

One foot to go

I only jelq for a few minutes before each girth session as a warm up exercise at about half erect.


I think in order to achieve length gains you’d need to do some form of manual stretching or hanging. Or try to target the tunica exclusively. Either way, length gains from jelqing are possible but it’s gonna be a long road if you’re doing just that.

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You can get length gains for jelqing but you can’t be more than 70% erect I think that dry jelqing or very little lube is best, Vaseline is messy but it creates a good drag on the penis.

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