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Nerve Damage, Plain and Simple!

Nerve Damage, Plain and Simple!

Hi guys,

I have read more than once, and did a few searchs on this matter,
but I yet to come accross something that is solid or 100% meaningful
to me.

I ask, what is exactly ment by nerve damage, and where it occurs?
(ok from what i read it is on the glans but i want to get the whole picture!)

What causes it?
can it heal? (from basic biology, nervs never heal, or aquire LONG time to do so!)

Anyways we can bypass it and still PE safely!

Thanks for the input,


I once tried PE a long time ago. I already had a member that lasted a while in the sack, but pulling on the head during stretches made me very insensitive.

Now, at my second go around, I am very cautious about sensitivity, it is my number 1 concern. So far, NO LOSS OF SENSITIVITY AT ALL since I am making sure to not yank behind the head, but along the shaft instead.

I think if you follow this simple rule and DO NOT OVERWORK your dick, you will be in great shape.

Good luck.


I literally beat my cock into submission doing very intense, 3 hour PE workouts, about 5 days a week. I did sustain an injury, but I’ve never had loss of sensation or numbness. I was a bit over zealous, but I was always careful.

Bottom line… listen to your body and use common sense.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Nerves of the central nervous system do not heal. Peripheal nerves do heal somewhat as far as I can tell. Hobby answered this question for me here

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