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needs more pressure

needs more pressure

It used to be that I could just pop on a sock, get everything upright, put two clamps on and voila, a good clamping session. For some reason its not working too good these days though. Anyone have any good ideas to get some pressure going?

How is it not working too well? What has changed?

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Like aom91 posted; what are the details? You can’t get it up anymore while clamping? To me, clamping has always been a transient type of excercise- you first learn about it; throw a clamp on your schlong; and poof, it blows up to about X” beyond your normal erect circumference after about an X amount of clamp time. The time your junk “blows up” is dependent on the time the clamp is on and the time you’re willing to stay erect (which is to an extent involuntary).

well, sometimes it can do that, and other times nothing much happens. I’m sure there is some external reason for it, I’m just to dumb to realize it

I also have a similiar problem while clamping, however my problem is usually arousal related. When I’m in the mood its great, when I’m not and porn isn’t working I’m basically SOL, just got to tough it out and put in more concentration.

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You are a college age kid delaware. If you are not getting enough pressure with 2 clamps, either you have negative PI’s from overtraining and need to give it a few days off, or your clamping technique needs work. As you used to get good results from clamping, it’s probably the former.

You suggest in your other current thread that you are not feeling enough intensity from manual exercises. PE is far more about time and patience than damaging your dick trying to create massive pressures and intensities. Most of the time, trying to get intense feelings of expansion/stretch etc. will just condition your dick to the point where nothing is going to work for you, or give you any feelings at all. It’s also a fast route to ED and injury.

Take 6 weeks off then start gently with the newbie routine again. Build it up very, very slowly and stop worrying about how much intensity you can feel. Keep consistent and in a year you should have a bigger, healthier dick. In two years it should still be improving.

If you constantly chase maximum intensity, you will get no growth and probably erectile dysfunction.

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