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Need width? Try this....


Need width? Try this....

I’m not claiming to have “discovered” this (in fact, I recall having read about it long ago), but I thought I’d finally give it a shot. The day before yesterday, I was in a dollar store and saw an old-fashioned rolling pin and I thought, “Let’s try it.”

It’s wooden, and the roller is about 1.5” diameter. It has small handles attached to the ends; however, they don’t appear to be too sturdy, so I forego using them.

I do my warmup, my stretching, my jelqing, some more stretching & jelqing - then I go to the roller.

1) Place your unit against a flat, solid surface - preferably the entire length of your willy.
2) Begin rolling at the base, outwards. Apply sufficient pressure and go slowly.
3) Do NOT roll over your glans (I actually stop about 1/2” before the lower-most portion of my glans).
4) Repeat accordingly; however, when starting out proceed slowly - almost like a newbie. This movement is very intense.

Tip: Try to find a surface that is a good height for you, while standing; if your legs are too bent, your thighs will quickly fatigue, cramp up, etc. Also, if you try to do this movement sitting by placing a thick book or board across your lap, it won’t have the stability required to properly execute this movement. I opt for my office desk - near one of the corners. I simply spread my legs out wide, with my knees locked, until I’m at the right height.

Be careful that you choose a smooth surface that is level and without any heavy textured surface - or it could hurt like hell. Also, the wooden pin does impart a degree of skin discomfort, so be careful (and watch out for your glans!). I don’t use lube, but I did try talcum which seemed to ease the discomfort somewhat. You also want your unit to be perfectly flat (your CS evenly on the surface), and straight.

But I have to say, doing these rollers after my regular workout was incredibly intense. I felt a totally different type of tension than I feel from jelqs (the way I do jelqs - squeezing in at the sides - directs the tension downwards, into the CS; the rolling pin - compressing downwards - directs the tension laterally into the CC, as well as forward into the glans). My prick was noticeably wider after each of my first 2 sessions, and terribly red and vascular.

Just be careful & start out very slowly with these. I would definitely not go more frequently than 1-on 1-off to begin with. And don’t try doing some marathon session until you’re used to this specific movement.

I believe the good ol’ rolling pin has a lot of PE potential. However, as I am primarily striving after length I’m not going to continue with these. I don’t want to have to stretch against an even thicker & stronger tunica, until I’m much closer to my EL goals. But after I cement my length goal, I’m going to hit a serious girth routine (doing lots of rollers) until I can cement a “cold” 6.5” EG (midshaft) - consistently.

But I put this out there for any of the brethren who are really seeking width. And I am curious if you get any length gains out of these also.

- w a d

Maybe a trip to the hardware/antique store is in order too. I wonder what one of those old wringer roller things would do…

I’ve noticed the same thing Wad and was using a full wine bottle on my desk for awhile- it did seem to increase width but since I’m already ~2x1.625 I didn’t really want to get too much more ovoid.

I too would be curious to hear from some of our more symmetrical brethren.

It's better to think you're doing something than to sit back and wonder what might have been Start: 12/2003 EBPL: 7 15/16 EG: 5 1/4 Now: 12/2004 EBPL: 8 1/2 EG: 5 5/8 (pumped is 5 7/8 mid, 6.25 base) FL: 6.25

You raise some interesting points. Does the rolling pressure simply reshape the penis by making it wider, but not girthier; or, will these rollers increase both penile width and circumference?

I believe that it should do the latter. I cemented damn near a full inch of EG mostly from doing forceful, slow jelqs. That’s it. I believe that my own grip & technique forced most of that growth downward, into the CS region. Nonetheless, the readings on the ruler went up nearly a full inch.

So, why shouldn’t a downward rolling motion, which forces the stresses outward, also increase both width and circumference? (especially in conjunction with regular girth work - i.e., jelqs, holds, etc.)

Both of these techniques will super-expand the blood-holding chambers. I believe that when both approaches are included (hitting the CS and the CC), both width & overall girth should increase.

As for length, that’s a different story. The bulk of length gains come via elongation of the ligs and the tunica sheath. Any soft tissue/CC-CS gains are fairly nominal. There may be some length gains from the rollers, but probably less than what are received from traditional jelqs, since the standard jelqing motion includes a pulling outwards of the penis; whereas, the rollers just smash down against the unit.

And your unit really is an oval! More than 2” wide, but not 5.75” around. My own ratios reveal nearly a perfect circle…

G:W = 3.192:1
true circle = 3:14159:1
W:G = 0.3133:1

So, you can see that my unit is very round. I only wish I had also taken a starting width measurement, but I didn’t - and I began almost 2 years ago, so I just can’t remember. I’d be curious to know how my jelqing technique affected the circularity of my unit.

Sample Workout

Day 1: Stretch only
Day 2: Jelq & moderate rolling - brief, not very intense
Day 3: Stretch only
Day 4: Jelq & intense rolling - high rep count & intense
Day 5: Stretch only
Day 6: Jelq & moderate rolling - brief, not very intense
Day 7: Stretch only
Day 8: Jelq & intense rolling - high rep count & intense

Maybe take 1-2 days off before repeating another 8-day cycle; or, perhaps just doing only stretching for 2 days, then repeat the cycle.

- w a d

Originally Posted by MrP-P
Maybe a trip to the hardware/antique store is in order too. I wonder what one of those old wringer roller things would do…

Aaagh, images of a guy with his dick in a mangle come to mind…. :)

You can't kill ideas with bullets!


Any specifics about the numbers of sets and reps that you do? This sounds very good but INTENSE. Not something at all for newbies.

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Interesting Wad.

Looks like you’ve drasitcally improved on the basic
Pan Squeeze
. Well done.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Are we talking flaccid or erect here? I imagine this would put a hell of a lot of strain on the nerves - rolling pins and desks are HARD!

>>”Any specifics about the numbers of sets and reps that you do? This sounds very good but INTENSE. Not something at all for newbies.”

I’m leary to recommend any specific numbers. With an exercise like this, you have to be very careful - listen to your body. I would recommend you begin low, but stop if it’s very painful. I believe a good approach is to stretch 7 days per week, but jelq every other day. And on the jelq days, I would only use the rolling pin intensely ever other jelq day (every 4th day, in other words). And I would do a scaled-down rolling routine on the jelq workouts in between. So, stretch daily; jelq every other day along with the rolling pin - only you want to do an intense rolling session every other jelq workout.

>>”Are we talking flaccid or erect here? I imagine this would put a hell of a lot of strain on the nerves - rolling pins and desks are HARD!

Not flaccid or rock hard. I would recommend an erection level that you would use for dry jelqs - maybe 70-80% or so. And never lean all of your weight onto your unit, that would be crazy. You want to push firmly enough so that you’re moving blood and forcing expansion, but not so firm that it’s very painful.

I think I would wonder about damage to the dorsal nerve.


Have you ever thought about using one of those old fashioned washing machines, you know the ones with the hand wringers—the hand crank with which you wring the clothes dry?


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


I’ve tried this before, but was scared away from too much pressure on the dorsal side. My dorsal vein looked like it was about to pop. I was even more concerned about what was happening to the underlying nerves.

A powerjelq or Tom’s drumsticks are basically the same thing, and those can be used on the sides.

As a guy who caused dorsal nerve damage early in his PE career, I would personally never attempt this.

But a wide dick does look wicked :)


You ran it through a wringer??


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


>You ran it through a wringer??

I put my somewhat-erect dick on a table and rolled it outward using a rolling pin. It hurt. I tried different materials for padding, but in the end I didn’t like what was happening to the superficial dorsal vein. The poor thing was being severely abused.

Even when jelqing I try to keep pressure away from the top side of the penis. Important stuff runs through there. Mashing it with a rolling pin is asking for trouble.

Some guys may get by unscathed, but techniques like this need a big warning attached. They are very risky.

Absolutely. I’m not pushing this on anybody - especially the newbies. But I did say that I stop about 1/2” before the head. You might even stop further away than that.

And, as always, if it’s seriously hurting you, don’t do it. I realize that Hubbard’s sticks & the PJ has rollers and can be used on the sides - but I specifically do this exercise to hit the top & bottom, so pressure can be forced out to the sides. My own jelq technique - constricting heavily on the sides - is what forced so much growth into my CS area, giving me a lot of girth but not proportional width. So, finding rollers to hit my sides would be defeating the whole purpose of this movement (for me).

This is an exercise that has risks; but not, in my opinion, on the scale of Erect Bends or leaving a tourniquet on for prolonged periods of time. And, I would venture to say, not as dangerous as hanging - which has caused many men numbness.

If you’re going to try this:

1) Have at least a few solid months of PE under your belt
2) Be at about 70-80% erection level
3) Find a flat comfortable surface
4) Experiment with varying levels of pressure - you don’t want to “mash” your tool as if by a steamroller
5) Never roll to the head, or even within 1/2” of your glans. You might feel safer staying a full inch away - just rolling slowly from the base up to about your circ scar (for cut guys).

And if it feels “wrong,” don't do it. Better safe than sorry.

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