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Need vs. Want

Need vs. Want

This is a fairly simple question but one I haven’t really seen addressed much.

How many out there feel that they ‘need’ a bigger penis and how many just ‘want’ one?

Obviously everyone knows that there’s more to a man than his cock and that he could live a happy life with what he’s got. But what, in your opinion, separates these two motivations? Does it have anything to do with size at the beginning, future goals, or neither? If you feel like you need it, will you work harder to get one? Or this a totally irrelevant factor?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

for me it's a need...

Well, being on the smaller side of the scale…I consider it a need as I’m uncomfortable to hit it with most women and this prevents me from having a decent relationship…at 4.25 nbpel I don’t think it’s in my head that an extra couple of inches is a mere luxury but for someone 6” or more it’s a different situation entirely, imho.

The medical profession considers that a man only needs a 3” penis to successfully procreate so I guess desiring anything more than falls into the category of want ……… in their opinion.

Personally, I need a bigger penis. How else will I ever be able to tie it in a knot and fulfill my childhood ambition of joining a circus freak show? For me these are very important issues! :leftie:

lil1 :-pink:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Married for 20 years — wife’s equipment was loose and she didn’t seem interested in tightening up. I started PE to get a better fit during sex — since I am terminally monogamous there are no attractive alternatives. After a year of dedicated exercises, I measure in at 8.1”, up substantially from 5.5 or so at the start. In addition to filling the hole better, I also have stronger erections and can stay up all day. My sex life is better, and since it feels better for me my wife reaps the benefits of my continued interest in her.

“Need” a bigger penis? No, I could have continued without it. “Want” a bigger penis? Yes, and I believe we both benefit from my “personal growth

I do truly believe that bigger is better!


What do you contribute your gains to, hanging, jelq, pump-you know? Other than being dedicated. Let us in on the secret, those are some great gains.

I think that there are alot of us here that would be very dedicated, if we knew we could get that 2.5 gain over a years work.

"If you build it, they will come".

hah goodness your signature is amusing, kind of wise in a way also =).

Do any of us really have needs? At the extreme end of things I could say I don’t need anything, not even food or water. I’ll die if i decide I don’t “need” these things but oh well! I think its more of a personal preference as most things are. The thing about personal preferences are that they are different for everyone. For me I’m satisfied with what I have but i’d be further satisfied with some more…

What worked for me


All of my gains come from jelquing, using about a 6 days on/ 1 day off pattern. I work out to a fairly high stress level, but don’t seem to suffer any lasting soreness. I don’t have enough private time during the day to try hanging, especially with a wife who also works from home and 2 pre-teenage kids. I tried pumping a while last year but must have been doing it wrong — before I discovered this forum <g> — and only got sore and greasy. I had good results from the start, but when I hit plateaus I decided to only measure once a month but keep at the exercises. And when I got frustrated, I took a week off — happened twice in the past year, and I felt like I gained more when I got back into the routine.

I had a lot of private time to work out during June — getting up at 2:30 to watch World Cup Soccer matches was a marvelous addition to the routine, but now I’m back to about 20 minutes a day in 1 or 2 sessions.

I do truly believe that bigger is better!

What do you want from life?


When I started exercising, my target was to reach 8” if I could, and I hit that level after about 10 months of fairly continuous effort. I now would like to reach 9” with some girth increases, and am continuing my workout program. One side effect of the PE workouts — I don’t find myself jerking off nearly as much as I used to, although I probably have my hands on my cock more than ever <g>.

I don’t know why I got the good results I did, but I am glad that I stuck with the project. And, although we haven’t discussed it explicitly, I believe my wife is glad as well.

I do truly believe that bigger is better!


Thank’s for the response. I’m coming up on 2 month’s of PE real soon. Hanging at least 1 hr. a day and minor power jelqing for circulation. Have read to many stories about length before girth. I’m hoping that the hanging will kick up the length issue and the PJ will gradually help in the girth zone. Once I get the length I’ll get busier witht the PJ. Thanks again, and good luck with your target.

"If you build it, they will come".

Goodnes81, congrats on the gains that is marvelous!! One thing intrigues me about your PE experience, given that the gain is quite substantial and noticeable, how was this explained to your wife? I am assuming it did not go unnoticed??

Did you also experience much girth increase also?

I guess I need a bigger penis to make myself feel a little more comfortable with myself during sex. otherwise that is all I would think about, recently this has not been the case, even though my gains have been minimal, my penis feels stronger.

She knew I was doing something — last fall she found a pump that I was trying out, and I confessed that I was doing some exercises. She responded with the typical “It’s not the size that matters” response, and has never mentioned it (or the additional inch in length gained since then) again. However, she does appear to enjoy the physical act more (could be wishful thinking on my part, because goodness knows I am enjoying it more).

I don’t have good statistics on girth gains, but my guess is that I’ve gained from 4.5” at the start to about 6” now. Since my objective is to “fill the hole” better, finding this forum about 3 months ago was a godsend on girth-enhancing exercises. I believe most of the girth increases can be attributable to Uli squeezes and the like, which have been recently added to my routine (Thank you, World Cup Soccer). Before that, I was getting long and skinny.

I do truly believe that bigger is better!


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