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Need to know if safe to keep Blasting!

Need to know if safe to keep Blasting!

I am under an injury with my jelqing as I feel pain when I jelq, but not when doing anything else.
Like when I do the DLD Blasters I feel no pain.

Would it be safe to keep ‘Blasting away’ while I wait for my jelq injury to heal?

__Also I can’t get a good grip while Blasting and want to know what could help me fix this.
Swimcap mabye? —- Though I can’t seem to find the instruction to this on this board.

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Only you can decide what level of exercise is appropriate. There are gray areas in PE, and this is one of them. Stretches may or may not aggravate your injury.

The bullet-proof answer is to avoid all PE. Then you’d know for sure you aren’t doing anything to bother it. Otherwise, start with light stretches and work up in intensity if nothing bad happens.

I’ve tried various cloths, rubber gloves, underwear, t-shirts, powders, etc. as gripping aids. Many guys use one or more of these without trouble, but I’ve never found them comfortable. Cloth causes chaffing, and the powders stink, make a mess and/or also bother my skin. Gloves are a hassle and the tackiness irritates my coronal ridge. The best thing I’ve found so far is paper towels. Avoid the cheap ones. Try the soft towels that are more like cloth. If you like them, thank RB for the idea. :)

Another point to raise would be that the risk of swapping to blasters rather than quitting depends very much on what kind of injury you have.

I don’t practice blasters, so I won’t claim to grasp them fully, but it’s my impression that they’re mainly a lig stretch. If your injury is something like a thrombosed vein, I’d expect the blasters to be less threatening than if it was something like tendonitis.

But, as said before, the SURE thing would be to lay off PE. Failing that, listen to your body.


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