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Need some help

Need some help

As a result of PE-ing (mostly hanging) I have developed a small tear on one end of my hole (Isn’t it called the eurethra? Did I spell that right?)

I have been trying to devise a way to wrap the head so as to take any pressure off when hanging. I have taken up to 3 weeks off but as soon as I hang and the blood squeezes down to the head the bleeding starts again. I am convinced this will be a cronic problem. Comes a a bad time, I am only 1/4” away from my length goal. Among the other obvious great things about this place is the creativity you guys show when solving a problem. Come on fellas, get those creative juices flowing.

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It sounds like you have too much blood in the head as you tighten down your hanger. Also, if you are hanging a good amount of weight (over 12.5 lbs.) this adds even more pressure. Try squeezing the blood out of the head and holding the head and compressing it as you tighten the hanger. It sounds as though this could keep you on the sidelines until you solve the problem, so try to minimize the blood in the head.

Good luck to you.

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Your right

I try to squeeze as much blood as possible out but since I hang 22.5 lbs for 2 sets of 20 minutes it places alot of pressure there. Thank you for the response.

Never argue with an idiot...they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.


1.)A la BIB, do you pull the wrap forward over the head, do let all the blood run back into the shaft??

2.)Is that hanger cranked down good? Do you let the dick adjust then crank down more?…

3.)What type of wrap do you use, it’s possible the wrap is too tight?…

Either you wrap is too tight or the hanger is too loose…

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