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!need some help from the experts!!

!need some help from the experts!!

ok heres my problem i will start from the begining

my first month of jelqing i did between 5-10 min. jelq

4 times a week after a month i thought ok no gains yet

no big deal ok now i do 20-30 min. jelq with hanging

just went from 2.5 pounds to 5 pounds i do this 3 times

a week and april 2 will be my second month and still no gains

so what do you guys think i should do? and my strokes are

about 3 sec. each also i hang for 3 sets of 20 min. with 10 min.

break between sets



Try jelqing strictly every other day for 15-20 minutes. 15 is actually pretty good. Definitely no more than 20. Don’t do two days in a row. One day on and one day off. Try just using the jelq - no ulis or stretching oir anything else so this way you can see if this works for you. Don’t jelq while erect. Best is to jelq at about no more than 70% or so. Its ok to jelq when flaccid but not ok to jelq if erect or very close to erect.

You should notice increased flaccid length and width in 2 weeks and erect length gain and width in one month. Everybody is different of course but try it and see where it takes you.

The important thing is not to cheat and do more than this. Try it like this and see if it works for you.

Good luck.

Well you have to be patient first of all. It can take many months to get gains. This is not easy for everyone. The first thing I would do is make a analogy with body building (even though it is not the same). The most common mistake is to work too often and not intense enough. So a guy will work too many muscles on the same day and not intense enough and then return too soon.

Now things are different with PE and rest, but here is where it relates to your situation. In hanging don’t just hang 3 days in a week no matter what. Read about hanging in the hanging section and don’t be shy to ask Bib questions. Start with your max and reduce the weight as needed. Also go to the best posts section on the other board here.…=1000&x=12&y=11

Start at the last page and work your way forward (this is the sequence in which they were saved) reading the conversations started by either Phat or me to each other.

What you want to do is hang hang hang until you feel a very fatigued feeling and can’t really hang any more. Then you take off. So if you are only doing one day on and one off then you probably are not doing enough to fatigue the ligs, especially with your number of sets and weight. So slowly but surely add weight (maybe a pound a week or so) until you really get a good max, and then try and hang a set or two more if you can. Then hang several days in a row to really target and fatigue the ligs before you take a day off. Just hanging one day and then taking one off is not doing much unless you really are stressing them out. It is fine that you are beginning to get the feeling for hanging and find the right adjustments and positions etc. Don’t be over anxious and just slowly but surely add this mindset. Also try to advance to a “between the cheecks” hang. This is when you are reclined in a chair and your legs are propped up so the weight goes strait down between the cheeks of your butt. Be careful and don’t use the same weight for this because the stress is different.

So you get the idea? Hang a couple of days in a row (unless you can’t hang half of your max without fatigue) and then rest instead of just every other day. It is going to take a several months to see anything also so be patient (don’t concern yourself with other reports of gains etc).

As for your jelqing you can jelq a few minutes between hanging sets which adds up quickly. Probably between hangs you should jelq lighter than power jelqs of 3 seconds or you will get sore and make it difficult to continue hanging. Then add the ulies and squeezes if you want. If you want to jelq later for 15-20 min or so that is fine, but I don’t think adding more than that will do anything for you.


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