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Need Some Cable Clamping Help


By the way, clamping can be awsome! Its very much like sets to failure in weight training.

Once a week, you can make some great gains… daily and you’ll be ruined in no time.

Clamping can produce extreme net expansive forces, the trick is to find the length of time and number of sets AND RECOVERY time that allows you to grow and not shrink from it.

For now, I would advise you to stop clamping completely until your normal size returns, and you are again getting good nite and morning wood.

Then you can add maybe one 5 minute set every other day, MONITORING HOW IT EFFECTS YOUR SIZE AND ERECTIONS!

Based on those responses you can either add more, or do less, but it must be in response to your PI’s (Physiologic Indicators, eg size and erections).

With that approach, you will have a much greater chance of success!

Best of luck,

Thank you sparkyx. I’ll read that thread.

By the way, I haven’t started clamping yet but I sure plan to take it easy at first. Thanks for the info and tips man!

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If you’re getting less full erections, and NOT clamping, then your regular workout may be too much.

Try cutting your routine in half, or just do some light stretches or layoff completely for a week or two.

If you find the erections start regaining their normal force, and you are regaining previous fullness, you can restart your program, but start with about 1/2 what you were doing and gradually increase it based on the PI’s.

Thats why I now believe that frequent measurements are important, not in order to be frustrated, but as a quick and acurate indicator of overtraining.

Any loss of size, especially if concurent with decreased erectile quality and quanity (PI’s), is a real warning sign from Mr Johnson that you are causing more damage than can be repaired in the time frame you are using.

You should then cut back until you return to normal, then restart with less of what you were doing.

I think with this method of determining amount of PE that you need to grow, many guys will find they are doing 2-4Xs the amount needed to make progress. That is a sure way to NEVER make gains!



Ok, so I got a question.

Sounds like some of you do this once every few days, maybe a 10 minute period. Others seem to do 5 sets of 10 minutes in 1 day.

Some of you throw some mild bends into the clamped routine.

How do you know what is right?

So far, 3 days ago I did a 10 minute routine and that was it. Last night I did two 10 minute routines, roughly 20 minutes between each other, and then did a 6 minute routine this morning. No bends in any of them, just put the clamp on and keep myself hard for 10 minutes.

Should I be doing anything different? SHould I be bending to help push the blood around internally creating a better internal stretch?

Just curious, Thanks


Your routine MUST be based on your responses!

All PE exercises induce force into the tissue of your penis. When the forces induced exceed normal erectile forces, it causes tissue changes.

We are looking for tissue changes that lead to a large dick…right?

So, you must monitor your reaction to the induced forces and customize the amount and type of forces that for YOU, lead to growth.

Any PE exercise can induce growth if used to the appropriate degree in relation to your ability to recover from that force.

So, having said that…cable clamping can produce very high internal pressures!

Therefore, newbies are advised not to use it until they have at least several months of conditioning.

If you are conditioned enough to try it, my personal advise is to start with no more than 5 minutes.

Then you must monitor you Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to determine if it is enough, too much or just right.

Personally, I did an experiment of splitting clamping into 5- one minute sessions (done with a kagel hold of ten seconds, six times) spaced out during the whole day.

I found that after the 3rd time, my PIs were indicating my unit had had enough stress for the day!

Imagine…less than 4 minutes and I was drifting into overtraining!

Is it any wonder that most guys don’t get growth? Most start out with a MINIMUM of 10 minutes! Then INCREASE FROM THERE!

Just remember,the higher the internal pressures, the quicker you hit max stress for the day! If you exceed your max PRODUCTIVE tissue stress for the day, you start going backward.

Do this enough times in a row, you will lose size and erectile response.



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