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Need help

Need help

I have been working the tunica pretty hard (three hours or manual stretching) the past week and a half.
Last night/today when working the tunica straight up, or any angle upward, I don’t feel any strain anymore.. Before it was tight and I got really feel the pull in my tunica, and really feel the stress I was puting on it with every stretch..

Now it’s pretty much gone, I feel a little pull, but not like I was two days ago, and certainly not a week ago..

Any one ever experience this? What the hell should I do? Kinda shocked/confused/afraid I messed myself up, yet I can still get hard.. So did I just finally totally loosen the the tunica, or did I mess up.or what?

Any suggestions would be great

Ps- I’ve been using a fulcrum for added stress-and even in using it, I’m still not feeling the pull anymore

I’ve also notice when I pull I feel nothing on the backside of my cock-back side of tunica, but I still feel like a the ‘chord’ on the topside almost like holding me back from pulling any this keeping me from feeling any more stress on the backside?

I still don’t know how to target this ‘chord’ thing

For how long do you do manual stretches at a time, or total time in a single day, if multiple workouts?



One workout regularly..

It takes 3 hours.. Probably 70 minutes worth of actual stretching

But today, I didnt feel any stress after the first 20 minutes.. Regularly I feel the stress all the way until the last stretch

70 minutes of manual stretching is a very long time.

Just a thought, but have you considered 5 or 10 min of manual stretch as a warm-up, then moving into other manual exercises, like jelking, etc?

BTW, if you erections haven’t suffered and you don’t hurt, you probably haven’t done any harm.



Can jelqing actually and honestly give people added length? I need length.I currently got as much out of my ligs as I could.

I am trying to work the tunica. In all honestly do people actually get length from jelqing because I hate wasting time on exercies for no results.if you know what I mean

(Ps-I’m not bashing your suggestion,-I appreciate the help-I’m just curious thats all)


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