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Need Help With A Girth Routine

Need Help With A Girth Routine

I’d like to develop a decent girth routine. I’d like to gain an inch or so. Up until this point, the only girth exercise that I’ve done is jelqing. I took 5 to 6 months or so off from PE after going a year straight, and I started back a little over a month ago, so I know I should probably wait a month more until I start some of the advanced exercises. I’m looking into buying a set of clamps online. Can someone help me put together a good girth routine? My current girth is probably around 5.25, depending on the method of measurement. Thanks!

Do the Newbie Routine and slowly build back up. In the second or third week into the Newbie Routine add in jelq squeezes and Uli’s.

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Nocj, wait another month to see if you have gained anything. Best to try gaining something out of non advanced exercises, than trying out advanced and you gain nothing but become too conditioned to gain easily. Continue what you are doing now..

“Depending on the measurement”- How do you measure?

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Yes, I’m still basically building on the newbie routine right now. When I measure with a string my girth is 5.5 inches and when I measure with a measuring cloth, I’m just a little over 5 inches.

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